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Palm oil sinks to nine-month low on falling demand

In Malaysia, palm oil prices fell to a nine-month low on Friday of just under $747 per metric ton, the biggest drop in six weeks, following soy oil lower that then triggering liquidation of long positions. Prices were down 2.3% on the week and down 1.7% on the day. Indonesia’s failure to boost biodiesel consumption […]

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Mission NewEnergy files counterclaim in on-going Malaysian suit

In Malaysia, Mission NewEnergy Limited’s wholly owned Malaysian subsidiary, Mission Biofuels Sdn Bhd (MBSB), has filed a counterclaim seeking specific performance (completion of the refinery) and to recover contractual damages including liquidated damages from late delivery, interest cost, cost incurred on behalf of KNM and other wasted expenditures. More materially, MBSB is also seeking damages […]

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Palm oil futures rise on higher oil prices and upcoming Ramadan

In Malaysia, mounting tensions in Iraq have boosted the price of petroleum, making biodiesel more attractive and therefore supporting palm oil prices to nearly one-month highs. With Ramadan starting next week, the month-long holiday is also expected to support prices which closed Monday $770 per metric ton. Soy oil prices are also tracking crude, up […]

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Malaysia’s B5 roll out delayed two months due to prices and infrastructure

In Malaysia, the roll out of B5 will be delayed in the eastern part of the country by two months until September. Logistics and pricing issues are the main reasons for the implementation delay. Apparently the oil companies don’t yet have their tanks and other infrastructure ready to go, while transportation costs are higher in […]

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New Malaysian biodiesel producer offers first spot cargo

In Malaysia, the country’s newest biodiesel producer, Green Edible Oil, has offered for sale its first spot cargo at $880/mt FOB for July loading of 6,000 tons. The offer is at the lower end of the range for non-RED certified biodiesel. The biodiesel itself if not RED certified even though the company is. The facility […]

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Malaysian university students build mini mobile biodiesel production unit

In Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia has unveiled a mini mobile biodiesel production unit that can produce 15 liters of biodiesel from used cooking oil in under two hours. Nineteen first and second year students invented and developed the reactor in about two months at a cost of $4,645.  

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Malaysian company to build $700 million methanol plant in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, Malaysian-company Markmore Sdn Bhd has signed an MOU with Mangystau province to build a $700 million methanol plant in Kuryk. The facility will use the large gas reserves in the Rakushechnoye Field already owned by the company via a local subsidiary. The plant’s completion is expected by 2017.  

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Impacts on palm oil yields from El Niño not expected until next year

In Malaysia, impacts on palm oil production from El Niño this year aren’t expected to show up in oil yields until 2015. With an 85% chance of an El Niño this year, the weather phenomenon will likely cause severe dry spells in Southeast Asia. A dry spell earlier this year isn’t expected to have much […]

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Malaysian biodiesel plant comes back online after three years

In Malaysia, AJ Oleo Industries has re-commissioned its 100,000 ton/year plant after being mothballed for three years. The facility will supply 3,000-4,000 ton/month of palm oil-based biodiesel to a local listed company for the next six months. If the supply agreement goes well, the may consider extending the tolling agreement.

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Obama, Malaysia, Verdezyne, and business as unusual in the bioeconomy

How a small, development-stage industrial biotech company, making chemicals you never heard of, landed $48M in new investment and a $100M valuation from investors like BP. And how they got so hot that figures like President Obama and the Malaysian Prime Minister attend an investment signing ceremony. In Malaysia, Verdezyne has negotiated key terms for […]

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