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Minnesota orders to ethanol plant owners to pay $10,000 fine

In Minnesota, the state’s pollution control agency says the new owners of the ethanol plant in Buffalo Lake, Buffalo Lake Advanced Biofuels, must pay the $10,000 fine for the 2012 wastewater violation. At the time, the plant was owned by Purified Renewable Energy but that company has since gone bankrupt.

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Coalition for Sustainable Rail to begin research on used railroad ties for biofuels

In Minnesota, the Coalition for Sustainable Rail (CSR) announced April 14 that it is initiating research on conversion of used railroad ties into an advanced biofuel. This research, funded through a generous grant from the Indiana Rail Road (INRD), is a first look into the viability of “upcycling” used railroad ties into biofuel.

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Syngenta, Cellulosic Ethanol Technologies agree to license technology

In Minnesota, Syngenta has announced an agreement with Cellulosic Ethanol Technologies to license its Adding Cellulosic Ethanol Technology, a new process for ethanol plants. Adding Cellulosic Ethanol technology has been shown to significantly increase a plant’s ethanol production while delivering other benefits such as increased corn oil production and higher protein content in dried distillers […]

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Minnesota seen delaying B20 implementation until 2018

In Minnesota, the delay in implementing B10 has also delayed the implementation of B20. B20 was planned for 2015, but B10 will only now be implemented in July this year. Therefore, Rep. Clark Johnson has proposed a bill that would delay B20 until 2018, giving three extra years to get blending facilities and gas stations […]

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Bushmills Ethanol invests $3.8 million to cut water usage by a third

In Minnesota, Bushmills Ethanol has invested $3.8 million to reduce its water footprint by a third. The zero liquid discharge system at the facility in Atwater is the fifth to be installed by U.S. Waters Services of St. Michael. It will now require 2 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of ethanol rather than […]

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Biodiesel equipment to be sold at auction in Minnesota

In Minnesota, Maas Companies will auction a surplus 3.2 million gallon-per-year biodiesel equipment package Thursday, April 17 via timed online auction ending at 4:00 p.m. The equipment is surplus to the ongoing operations of FUMPA Biofuels (Farmers Union Marketing and Processing Association) and will sell as one lot. FUMPA is a 75-year-old farmer-owned cooperative and an […]

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Minnesota to boost to B10 on July 1 after derailing attempt

In Minnesota, a state Senate committee knocked down a proposal that would have delayed a 2008 law requiring blending of 10% biodiesel from soybean oil. The law is set to come into force on July 1 but the senator who put forward the bill claimed cars and trucks could only handle B5, not B10. Currently, […]

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Green Plains Otter Tail comes back online after fire

In Minnesota, Green Plains Otter Tail that caught fire last week is now back online. The facility’s dryer caught fire due to a hydraulic pump failure but has been back producing ethanol since Sunday. Until the dryer can be repaired, the facility will produce “wet cake” instead of DDGS. Repairs to the dryer could take […]

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Minnesota legislators propose incentives for advanced biofuels and chemicals

In Minnesota, state legislators proposed H.F. 2456 and S.F. 2101 that would create a loan program for capital equipment for renewable chemicals and advanced biofuel as well as provide incentives for the production of those fuels and chemicals. The loan program would fall under the remit of the state agricultural commissioner. At least 80% of […]

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More than 7,000 Minnesota corn farmers tell EPA to keep RFS

In Minnesota, more than 7,000 corn farmers submitted letters to the EPA in support of the RFS thanks to a huge push by the Minnesota Corn Growers Association. The public comment period closes Jan. 28. The state’s department of agriculture estimates that reducing the RFS could result in 1,532 job losses and loss of $610 […]

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