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Jet fuel or liquid natural gas: now available from a trash bin near you, Part I

By Tim Sklar Special to the Digest Part 1 of 2 Anyone that has followed the evolution of processes that are used to make fuels out of waste recognizes that the permutations and combinations of processes that can be used has become mind-boggling, as the pathways that can best be used, continue to change. As […]

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Urban Mining: Biofuels and municipal solid waste, in review

Urban waste: It’s nasty, here, inevitable and aggregated.  The feedstocks are available at fixed, affordable prices and in long-term supply contracts from credit-worthy entities. Everyone loves the idea. So, where are the gallons? The Digest investigates.  We reported earlier this week on a project underway for the Hampton Roads, Virginia area that will, if successful, […]

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New MSW biodiesel facility to set up shop in Spain

In Spain, a new company using MSW as feedstock to produce biodiesel and biochar will set up shop in Ribera de Ebro. The company will submit its application for permission by the end of the month, with renovation of an existing building to start in the spring so that biodiesel production can begin by the […]

January 2, 2014 More

McFly! Enerkem begins commissioning of garbage-to-fuels commercial plant in Alberta

In Back to the Future, waste-to-energy fuel systems were supposed to be common by 2015.  Looks like 2014 might be the better date. Here’s Enerkem, going commercial, to show the way. In Canada, Enerkem announced that commissioning is underway at its commercial-scale municipal waste-to-biofuels and chemicals facility in Edmonton. Construction of the facility is nearing […]

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Energy as easy as Waffles

One day, biofuels microbes may be so adept at making fuels, it will be a case of “just add water”. For now, there’s the hard slog of unlocking feedstocks that are affordable, available and aggregated. As we look for recent victories in low-cost feedstock development, What can we learn from natural gas? People from Minnesota […]

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Maryland county teams with AFI on MSW-to-energy

In Maryland, Washington County, Md. is partnering with America First, Inc. (AFI) to launch a waste-to-renewable energy initiative, which utilizes municipal solid waste (MSW) and converts it into a fuel source, at no cost to the County. Washington County is poised to become a model for other counties in the State, and a national and […]

August 22, 2013 More

Fulcrum demonstrate new MSW drop-in fuel process for jet and diesel

In North Carolina, Fulcrum BioEnergy has successfully demonstrated the conversion of municipal solid waste (MSW) into jet and diesel fuels.This demonstrated process adds fuel diversity to Fulcrum’s products and complements its previously demonstrated MSW to ethanol process. Fulcrum’s ability to produce drop-in fuels from MSW opens up an 80 billion gallon-per-year fuel market and expands […]

May 29, 2013 More

Iowa City to investigate MSW-to-biofuel options

In Iowa, Iowa City officials are expected to open a call for consultants by summer to explore options for MSW-to-biofuel in an attempt to reduce the city’s landfill. The City Council expects to spend up to $50,000 on the consultant whose responsibility will be to vet various technologies. Last year Fiberight met with city officials […]

March 25, 2013 More

Despite Urban Migration, Scale Elusive for MSW-to-Fuels

By Mackinnon Lawrence There are few topics that get the clean technology sector excited less than trash. Meanwhile, the news is littered with stories discussing municipal areas from Zimbabwe to Los Angeles and Mumbai to Moscow struggling to implement long-term strategies for dealing with municipal solid waste (MSW). Even as intellectual capital is thrown at […]

December 5, 2012 More

Fulcrum BioEnergy secures $175M in financing commitments for 1st MSW-to-biofuels project

First commercial project in Nevada scheduled for completion in 2015; dramatic drop in operating expense. In California, Fulcrum BioEnergy announced that it has successfully secured commitments and is proceeding toward closing $175 million in financing to fund construction of its first municipal solid waste to low-carbon fuels plant, the Sierra BioFuels Plant and to fund […]

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