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DLA announces ethanol procurement numbers, delivery period

In the US, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for the Navy has announced its annual Inland/East/Gulf Coast procurement, for which the ordering period is date of award through March 31, 2016. The delivery period will be April 1, 2015 through March 31, 2016 with 30-day carryover. As part of the regular bulk procurement for Inland […]

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Department of the Navy seeks biofuels on a large scale

CCC funds will be available to defray additional costs, if  produced using domestic feedstocks approved by the USDA for CCC eligibility. In Washington, the Department of the Navy announced that at least 37 million gallons of drop-in biofuels are being sought as part of its F-76 marine diesel and JP-5 shipboard jet fuel supply in […]

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Navy supporting ASU’s algae biofuel research

In Arizona, similarities between the U.S. Navy and civilian cities and industry may not be readily apparent, said Dennis McGinn, U.S. Navy Assistant Secretary for Energy, Installations and Environment, but in the realm of energy use and reliability, there are often parallel problems to be solved. Where there are overlapping issues, such as cost, sustainability, […]

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US Navy approves biofuels MILSPECS, opens Pacific fuel buy

From Washington, the Navy’s Director of Operational Energy, Chris Tindal, advises the Digest: “As of two weeks ago, the Navy has fully approved MILSPECs for JP-5, JP-8, and F-76 for the F-T and HEFA pathways.  As you may know, DLA – Energy will be adding these biofuel annexes into our two upcoming domestic bulk fuel […]

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Navy plans to acquire advanced biofuels at parity this year

In Washington, the Navy plans to set up two solicitations for advanced biofuels this year by way of the Defense Production Act. The Navy believes it will be able to source the fuels at a price competitive with existing fossil fuel supplies, rather than paying several times the current fossil fuel price as it has […]

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The 11 hottest slides on advancing aviation biofuels, from ABLC

Experts from Solena Fuels, British Airways, the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI),  the US Navy, the Federal Aviation Administration, Amyris,  Byogy, Gevo, BioProcess Algae, Virent, Mercurius, and ARA were among the highlight presenters at the 5th annual Global Aviation Biofuels Summit, an integrated part of ABLC, the annual bioeconomy conference now underway in Washington, […]

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Can warplanes fly farther, carry more weapons, with advanced biofuels? More new data.

We’ve been following the development of advanced fuels that carry more, travel farther — and here’s a giant step forward. A China Lake-based research team finds terpene fuels that add 13% to the performance, compared to fossil fuels. We take a look at the new breed of renewable fuels — with a Q&A to explore […]

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Changing water into wine: Er, will jet fuel do?

Hydrocarbon fuel from seawater and nothing else? Is it possible?  Not only possible, but demonstrated as a process, and tested in a model plane. How does it rate on the Hooey scale? The Digest investigates. In Washington, researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have completed a miniature-scale flight demonstration using a liquid hydrocarbon fuel, […]

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“Want Better Biofuels? Get the Wood Out.”

Today on Twitter: DConsult Want Better Biofuels? Get the Wood Out – Science AAAS bayonnebernie: Navy’s Use of Biofuels Could Trigger Private-Sector Adoption – 3think #science #sciencenews Top Stories: Defining Consciousness, Better Biofuels, and the Brain’s Final Moments

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Navy expects affordable biofuels by 2016

In Washington, the Navy says that biofuels prices are becoming more affordable faster than expected, thanks to cooperation with the DOE and USDA, with 2016 seen as a likely date for biofuels availability in commercial quantities. Recent contracts have been awarded for 170 million gallons of biofuel at $4 a gallon for 2016, much lower […]

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