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Neste Oil’s NEXBTL powered two major summer events

In Finland, Neste Oil’s NEXBTL renewable diesel was used to generate electricity at two major events in Finland this summer: the Flow Festival in Helsinki and the Neste Oil Rally Helsinki Battle street circuit race. NEXBTL diesel generated 45 percent of the electricity used at the Flow Festival and powered the machinery at the festival […]

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Neste Oil supplying NEXBTL to power Flow Festival

In Finland, Neste Oil is supporting the environmental goals of this year’s Flow Festival in Helsinki by supplying 100 percent NEXBTL renewable diesel to generate electricity for the event. Thanks to NEXBTL diesel produced from waste and residues, the Flow Festival will release up to 90 percent less greenhouse gas emissions that it would do using […]

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Neste Oil signs algae oil off-take contract with RAE

In Finland, Neste Oil and Renewable Algal Energy (RAE), a US-based algae biomass producer, have signed a contingent commercial algae oil off-take agreement. Algae oil is one of the alternatives being researched by Neste Oil for use as a feedstock for producing NEXBTL renewable diesel in the future. Cooperation with RAE is intended to secure […]

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Neste Oil: Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guide

Neste Oil is a refining and marketing company, with a production focus on premium-quality, lower-emission traffic fuels. The company produces a comprehensive range of major petroleum products and is the world’s leading supplier of renewable diesel. The company has operations in 15 countries. Its growth strategy is focused on producing premium- quality renewable diesel fuel. The company had […]

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Cool Planet surges into leads in Transformative Technologies 2014 early voting

Fresh faces and major players among the early leaders as voting gets underway. In Florida, The Digest announced that Cool Planet is now leading in two categories in early-voting for Transformative Technologies 2014. The Colorado-based early stage company is ahead for Conversion technology (liquid) and Transformative biomased material. DuPont continues to lead for Organic Catalyst […]

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Neste Oil teams with DONG Energy on renewable diesel and aviation fuel

In Finland, Neste Oil has joined forces with DONG Energy to develop an integrated process to produce renewable diesel and aviation fuel based on agricultural residues. DONG Energy’s Inbicon technology will be used in the first part of the process to pre-treat biomass and produce cellulosic sugars that can be converted into microbial oil with […]

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It’s 2014: get cracking!

Hydrotreating, catalytic cracking, pyrolysis, metathesis, supercritical, and catalytic reforming. It’s the big new wave heading for biofuels and biobased chemicals at scale. The secret word in the bioeconomy for 2014 starts with a C. Carbon? Chemicals? Cellulosic? Close, but guess again. Yep, it’s cracking. That is, breaking down the biobased feedstock with heat, pressure and […]

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European Commission OKs Neste Oil’s sustainability certification scheme

In Belgium, the European Commission has approved the sustainability verification system developed by Neste Oil and confirmed that it complies with the standards set for reliability, transparency, and independent third-party auditing. Verifications made under the system are always carried out by an impartial, external expert. Existing certificates recognized by the Commission can be used as […]

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Neste Oil disputes claim it didn’t meet Finnish biofuel mandate in 2009 and 2010

In Finland, Neste Oil disputes the view of Finnish Customs that biofuel mandate requirements were not met in 2009 and 2010. Finnish Customs has levied a penalty payment totaling approximately $59.6 million on Neste Oil because Finnish biofuel mandate requirements were not met in 2009 and 2010. Biofuel mandate legislation requires that companies distributing liquid fuels must provide the appropriate […]

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Neste Oil seeking 10,000 cubic meters of ethanol at tender for Jan delivery

In Finland, Neste Oil is seeking 10,000 cubic meters of ethanol for delivery CIF to Porvoo between Jan. 20 and 25 via tender. Offers are to be on a fixed price basis or an average of February 2014 Rotterdam T2 FOB prices. The ethanol is destined for 5% and 10% blends that will be marketed […]

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