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NY Harbor ethanol at a discount to Chicago argo for first time in six months

In New York, ethanol prices at the harbor are falling at last with prices running at a discount to Chicago argo ethanol prices for the first time in six months. Platts is reporting the discount is on $0.0015 per gallon, but it’s still a discount. New York Harbor ethanol was assessed at $2.8395/gal on Wednesday. […]

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Zeeland Farm Services buys half-finished ethanol plant in New York state

In New York state, Zeeland Farm Services has bought a half-finished ethanol plant and 435 acres in Ithaca. The diversified agriculture company that is heavily involved in soybean processing is developing a master plan for the project that will soon be shared with the community.

April 1, 2014 More

Nine oil refiners paid $1.35 billion for RINs in 2013

In New York, Reuters reports that the nine oil refiners who report their RIN purchases paid $1.35 billion to comply with the RFS when RIN prices trebled in price last year. The number would be much higher if other refiners were included. Independent refiners appeared to shoulder the brunt of the expenses as they did […]

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NYU researchers succeed in creating synthetic yeast

In New York state, researchers at New York University have created the first ever yeast chromosome using synthetic biology. The new yeast cell, that was created by replacing original chromosomes with synthetic ones, was observed to reproduce. More than 50,000 changes were made to the DNA and researchers can now more easily manipulate the yeast […]

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ICM wins battle for over-paid taxes in Upstate New York

In New York state, ICM won a tax battle with the City of Ithaca, as well as the county, school districts and other authorities. ICM says it paid too much taxes in 2012 and 2013, meaning that the school districts and other local governments will have to give back $1.2 million. Much of what the […]

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United Biofuels close to setting up NYC’s first commercial biodiesel facility

In New York state, United Biofuels has applied to the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation to convert an existing fuel-storage facility in Greenpoint into New York City’s first commercial scale biodiesel production facility, using used cooking oil as feedstock. The company purchased the facility from Metro Fuel Oil while it was in bankruptcy and not […]

March 17, 2014 More

Precision BioSciences and Nova Synthetix team to take the ricin out of castor

In New York state, Precision BioSciences and Nova Synthetix announced a deal for the use of each other’s technologies to generate “non-GM,” ricin-free castor plants. Precision Bio’s Directed Nuclease Editor gene editing technology and Nova’s proprietary plant transformation system will be used in work covered by the agreement. The DNE technology produces genome-editing enzymes that […]

March 12, 2014 More

Cowen predicts Solazyme stock to rise as Moema comes online

In New York, Cowen has predicted that Solazyme stock may be headed upwards, as Moema’s confirmation of production, expected to come later this quarter from Brazil, will be an important trigger for their stock. Moema represents an opportunity for a successful startup with strong operations metrics. Once the source is proven to be reliable, Cowen […]

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Federal judge sends Butamax/Gevo spat back to district court

In New York state, a federal judge has reversed an earlier appeals court ruling saying that Gevo has not infringed Butamax’s patents. The case has been remanded by to district court, where Butamax says it is looking forward to the trial. Delaware district court and the Federal Circuit courts disagreed on the value of a […]

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$3M to NY high-performance biomass heating market

In New York, $3M has been awarded to 18 research institutions, technology developers and biomass-fuel businesses to encourage the growth of high-efficiency, low-emission wood-fired heating equipment. These projects support Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Renewable Heat NY program, which looks to encourage the expansion of the high-performance biomass heating market and raise consumer awareness, support the development […]

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