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New study shows Chinese biodiesel production at less than half capacity

In New York, a new study says development of biodiesel started late in China, serving as one of the industries vigorously supported by the government. China has released Renewable Energy Law and National Standard for Biodiesel (B5) Blend in 2005 and 2010, respectively. According to ResearchInChina, in 2013, China’s total capacity of biodiesel exceeded 3.7 […]

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New York state legislation seeks to boost support for biofuels

In New York state, the assembly has passed a bill that would extend the 15 cent per gallon biofuel producer tax credit as well as introduce a 25 cent per gallon tax credit for cellulosic ethanol or renewable fuel oil as well as $15 per ton for solid biofuel. The bill would support pellets producers […]

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Cornell University announces recipients of Academic Venture Fund

In New York state, Cornell’s David R. Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future (ACSF) has given $1.4 million from their Academic Venture Fund to 12 new university projects designed to protect and sustain the world’s environment, foster renewable energy, and promote human health and economic well-being. Funding for biofuels-related projects are: Biofuel surrogates for transportation […]

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Cornell researchers see algae byproduct as prime animal feed

In New York state, researchers from Cornell University have been testing algae, after the oil has been removed for biodiesel production, as a potential animal feed for pigs and chickens. After removing the oil, the specimens used in the research included 13.9% to 38.2% crude protein and 1.5% to 9.3% crude fat. The algae byproduct […]

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USDA grants to support Cornell research on biofuel policies and crops

In New York, Cornell University has received two grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture to research the interactions between crops and biofuel policies worldwide, as well as their impacts on U.S. agriculture’s international competitiveness. As part of a $12 million program, researchers will examine the links between biofuel […]

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University at Buffalo invests $15 million in interdisciplinary institute

In New York state, the University at Buffalo’s new interdisciplinary research initiative RENEW (Research and Education in eNergy, Environment and Water) promises to tackle the most difficult and pressing issues that society faces in trying to create a more sustainable world. UB has dedicated up to $15 million over the next five years, with a […]

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NY Harbor ethanol at a discount to Chicago argo for first time in six months

In New York, ethanol prices at the harbor are falling at last with prices running at a discount to Chicago argo ethanol prices for the first time in six months. Platts is reporting the discount is on $0.0015 per gallon, but it’s still a discount. New York Harbor ethanol was assessed at $2.8395/gal on Wednesday. […]

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Zeeland Farm Services buys half-finished ethanol plant in New York state

In New York state, Zeeland Farm Services has bought a half-finished ethanol plant and 435 acres in Ithaca. The diversified agriculture company that is heavily involved in soybean processing is developing a master plan for the project that will soon be shared with the community.

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Nine oil refiners paid $1.35 billion for RINs in 2013

In New York, Reuters reports that the nine oil refiners who report their RIN purchases paid $1.35 billion to comply with the RFS when RIN prices trebled in price last year. The number would be much higher if other refiners were included. Independent refiners appeared to shoulder the brunt of the expenses as they did […]

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NYU researchers succeed in creating synthetic yeast

In New York state, researchers at New York University have created the first ever yeast chromosome using synthetic biology. The new yeast cell, that was created by replacing original chromosomes with synthetic ones, was observed to reproduce. More than 50,000 changes were made to the DNA and researchers can now more easily manipulate the yeast […]

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