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Novozymes sales up, growth down as expected for Q2

In Denmark, Novozymes has announced its results for the first half of FY 2014. Sales grew by 8% organically, but sales growth slowed as expected after a strong first quarter. “It’s been a good first half for Novozymes”, says Novozymes CEO Peder Holk Nielsen. “Sales growth was in line with expectations and earnings were strong. […]

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Novozymes enzymes confirm 6% production edge

In Nebraska, Novozymes’ enzymes will allow ethanol producers to unlock more energy from each corn kernel, producing 5% more fuel while using 8% less energy. Said Delayne Johnson, chief executive of Iowa ethanol producer Quad Corn Processors, the company now gets 6 percent more ethanol per corn bushel, and that the star engineer in charge […]

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Blue Sun, Vieselfuel utilize new lipase from Novozymes

In Missouri and Florida, a new lipase will make it possible to produce biodiesel from oils of widely varying quality regardless of their free fatty acid content. Both Blue Sun Biodiesel and Vieselfuel have announced the full-scale production of biodiesel-based on lipase as a catalyst, with Novozymes providing the enzymes. It has already been used […]

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Novozymes sees China building second-gen plant in next two years

In China, Novozymes expects a commercial-scale second-generation plant to be online within the next two years, with between 50,000 and 100,000 tons of capacity, with several more plants online in five years. The company expects 1 million tons of second-generation production to be online in the next five years, with China contributing a large part […]

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The Greensome Foursome: POET, Novozymes, Abengoa, NexSteppe on the industry outlook for 2014

As several major cellulosic biofuels ventures head for scale in 2014, we look at the companies, the major barriers (as they see them) for further capacity-building, sources for future investment, and a focus on feedstock. In California, NexSteppe CEO Anna Rath, Novozymes North American president Adam Monroe, POET VP Doug Berven, and Abengoa Bioebnergy EVP […]

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The rise of the neodiesel companies

Biodiesel? Renewable diesel? Enzymatic biodiesel? Renewable jet fuel? Or, more to the point, a combination of some or all? Here comes Neo – the neodiesel companies — brimming with technologies to create cleaner alternatives to a powerhouse fuel. They have all the performance, half the carbon, and a range of no-food feedstocks to choose from. In covering the redefinition of the US […]

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No Shortcuts to the Top: A Digest Special Report on Scale-up in Industrial Biotechnology

Like climbing major summits in the Himalayas, it’s tougher than it looks, and it looks purity darn tough. Scale-up in industrial biotechnology, that is — not for the faint-hearted. How do the masters of scale-up get it done? For starters, with “no shortcuts to the top”. Veteran Everest mountaineer Ed Viesturs probably said it best when he […]

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Novozymes bioenergy sales increase 34% as Q1 results rock

In Denmark, Novozymes’ sales to the bioenergy industry increased by 34% as Q1 sales were some of the company’s strongest. The company has beren having success with its cocktail of three enzymes: Avantec, Spirizyme Achieve and Olexa, which enable producers to squeeze up to 5% more ethanol out of corn while saving on energy and […]

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Novozymes: Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guide

Novozymes is “the world leader in bioinnovation”. The company’s business is industrial enzymes, microorganisms, and biopharmaceutical ingredients. Our biological solutions help companies make more from less, as our solutions save energy and raw materials, and reduce waste. The result is higher quality, lower costs, lower CO2 emissions, and a better environment. With over 700 products […]

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Novozymes joins Advanced Ethanol Council

In Washington, Novozymes has joined the Advanced Ethanol Council (AEC). The Danish company operates the largest enzyme plant dedicated to biofuel production in the United States in Blair, Nebraska. The $200 million plant specializes in making world-leading enzymes, a key technology component for both the conventional and advanced biofuel markets. “Novozymes and the Advanced Ethanol […]

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