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Roxas to fill the supply gap left by two Philippines’ producers

In the Philippines, Roxas appears to have sufficient supply to compensate for two other producers defaulting on their supply commitments. Universal Robina has defaulted on 4,000 m3 because it hasn’t yet commissioned its facility, while Green Future Innovations will only supply 4,000 m3 compared to the 14,000 m3 allotted.  

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MPIC to invest $16 million in biodiesel and power project in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Metro Pacific Investments Corporation plans to invest $16 million in a facility that will produce 10,000 liters of biodiesel per day along with 2MW of electricity that will later ramp up to 6MW. Construction on the facility is set to begin in the next three months. It is thought the pyrolosis technology […]

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Roxas wants to boost biofuels to 20% of overall sales

In the Philippines, Roxas Holdings wants to boost the share of biofuel sales to 15% to 20% overall by September, helping to diversify away from sugar. Ethanol production is currently above nameplate capacity of 100,000 liters per day at 120,000 liters per day as the company seeks to eek out efficiencies from water to energy use. […]

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Greenergy Holdings sells 60% share in Biomass Holdings for $9.24 million

In the Philippines, Greenergy Holdings has sold its 60% shareholding in Biomass Holdings to ThomasLloyd Cleantech Infrastructure Fund for $9.24 million. Biomass Holdings’ first project is a 18MW co-generation facility located at the San Carlos ethanol plant that is slated to come online later this year. The other major shareholder is Cleantech Projektgesellschaft.  

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Philippines may suspend biofuel law to “protect” efficiency of mega power plant

In the Philippines, the government may suspend the country’s biofuels law that requires power plants to blend with 2% biodiesel to protect the efficiency of the 1,200MW Ilijan natural gas plant in Batangas. Apparently the facility will produce just 480MW of 600MW installed capacity on the one side if it begins using 2% coconut-based biodiesel […]

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Oil companies in the Philippines complain about high price of domestic ethanol

In the Philippines, the government has set the price for domestic ethanol purchases at between $300 and $470 per cubic meter more expensive than imported ethanol, which oil companies say will weigh heavily on them during the third quarter. The National Biodiesel Board fixes the price that the 10 major oil companies must pay for […]

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Communities slam Isabella ethanol factory for seasonal hiring of workers

In the Philippines, Isabella ethanol factory will lay off of 1,200 seasonal workers at the end of the sugarcane crush next month, but then will likely re-hire many of them come October when the crush begins again. The seasonal nature of the work has angered many in the community but the company says it can’t […]

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San Carlos Bioenergy cleans up wastewater treatment

In the Philippines, the foul odor emitting from San Carlos Bioenergy has been resolved following upgrades to the wastewater effluent treatment system. Eliminating the odor was the condition for receiving a permit to barge out to sea part of the ethanol plant’s waste. Instead of barging out the waste, the company is now looking at […]

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Philippines ethanol plant a top target for bombing and sabotage

In the Philippines, URSUMCO Ethanol Plant in Barangay Tamiso is one of five facilities that the government has identified as potential targets for bomb and sabotage attacks. The military and police already have heightened security at these facilities to stay any potential attacks.  

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Investors set up JV for biogas liquefaction co-located at Philippine sugar mill

In the Philippines, Aboitiz Equity Ventures has set up a JV with Gazasia called Aseagas Corporation and will invest in a 9,000 ton per year biogas liquefaction plant co-located a sugarcane mill in Batangas Province as its first project. The fuel will be used to power buses and trucks. Cryostar will build the liquefaction machinery. […]

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