Dutch King to attend POET-DSM Project LIBERTY opening

From the Netherlands, the Court of His Majesty Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands, has announced that the King will attend the Grand Opening of POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels’ Project LIBERTY cellulosic ethanol plant in Emmetsburg, Iowa on Wednesday, Sept. 3. The King will take part in the Grand Opening Ceremony to perform the formal opening activity, scheduled […]

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The Greensome Foursome: POET, Novozymes, Abengoa, NexSteppe on the industry outlook for 2014

As several major cellulosic biofuels ventures head for scale in 2014, we look at the companies, the major barriers (as they see them) for further capacity-building, sources for future investment, and a focus on feedstock. In California, NexSteppe CEO Anna Rath, Novozymes North American president Adam Monroe, POET VP Doug Berven, and Abengoa Bioebnergy EVP […]

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Poet South Dakota plant can’t ship ethanol due to rail troubles following floods

In South Dakota, Poet’s plant in Hudson hasn’t been able to ship its ethanol since the Big Sioux River flooded 30 miles of track last week. The facility is still able to receive corn by truck but is waiting until the rail is back operational in order to ship the ethanol because it’s more efficient […]

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No Shortcuts to the Top: A Digest Special Report on Scale-up in Industrial Biotechnology

Like climbing major summits in the Himalayas, it’s tougher than it looks, and it looks purity darn tough. Scale-up in industrial biotechnology, that is — not for the faint-hearted. How do the masters of scale-up get it done? For starters, with “no shortcuts to the top”. Veteran Everest mountaineer Ed Viesturs probably said it best when he […]

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Gov. Branstad to sign Senate File 2344 at POET plant on Wednesday

In Iowa, Governor Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds will sign Senate File 2344 into law at the POET- Coon Rapids ethanol facility this Wednesday. The bill will protect Iowa’s renewable fuels industry by extending the state’s biodiesel production tax credit and enhancing the state’s E15 retailer tax credit. The Governor and Lt. Governor […]

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University of Nebraska corn stover study slammed by USDA, ACORE, POET, and more

In Nebraska, renewable experts, the EPA, and the research community alike have disputed a recent University of Nebraska study which concluded that fuel produced from cellulosic ethanol from corn residue could result in 7% more greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline in the short term. According to critics, the study was conducted under highly unrealistic conditions: […]

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25 hot molecules, plus the hottest global policy initiatives — the coolest slides from from ABLC

Today: Iogen, Butamax, POET, OPX Bio, Green Biologics, Mascoma and more – their molecules, their markets, how they offer transformation beyond petroleum. Experts from Iogen, Butamax, POET, OPX Bio, Green Biologics. Mascoma, the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, the Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials, the UN’s Renewable Reserves Accounting project, and Eastman Business Park were […]

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10 Bellwether Biofuels & Biobased Projects for 2014

Advanced biofuels – are plans turning into reality? Are development plans realistic? When these 10 projects open for business (or not) in 2014, you’ll know for sure. We wrote in 2012: “If, by this time next year, we have all of these projects completed and in operation, it will go a long way towards substantiating […]

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DSM expects POET plant to produce cellulosic ethanol from July

In Iowa, DSM expects to begin producing cellulosic ethanol at its $250 million joint venture demo facility with POET in Emmetsburg in July. The companies expect to produce 12 million gallons this year and up to 25 million gallons from next year. The EPA says it expects to announce its RFS blending requirements, including cellulosic […]

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Poet says $250 million second generation ethanol plant will be online by June

In Iowa, Poet says its $250 million corn stover ethanol plant will be online from June with between 7 million and 12 million gallons of ethanol expected to be produced this year. The facility will have a nameplate capacity of 25 million gallons. Construction of the facility should be done by April.

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