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Primus Green Energy gets patent for its STG+ gas-to-liquids technology

In New Jersey, Primus Green Energy has been awarded a patent for its STG+ gas-to-liquids technology, which it will implement in a commercial plant they are expected to break ground on this year. The technology uses syngas derived from natural gas and other carbon-rich feedstocks to produce high quality, cost-effective, drop-in liquid fuels in a […]

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Gasoline’s comeback in the bio-based era: 5 cleantech companies vie for green gasoline breakthroughs

Gasoline – the 20th century’s Wonder Fuel, bashed for years over price, source and emissions – ready for a comeback, courtesy of 5 bio-based revolutionaries? In the rush to replace fossil (e.g. ancient algae) gasoline over emissions, and energy security concerns, most of the focus has fallen on technologies that replace the fuel or the […]

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Primus Green Energy heading for the biofuels IPO queue?

In Israel, Bloomberg predicts that Israel Corp backed Primus Green may be holding an IPO next year. Said the company’s vice president of business development, Primus is hoping to raise up to $100 million this year for a 4.8 million gallon facility to expand the influence of the New Jersey-based company. They have broken ground […]

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Primus Green Energy plans biogasoline plant in New Jersey

In New Jersey, Primus Green Energy is reporting that it has developed a technique to turn agricultural biomass into 93 octane gasoline for both industry and vehicles.  Primus President, Dr. Yom-Tov Samia, states, “Primus GE can produce 2,000 gallons of biofuel at its pilot facility.”  Primus is the U.S. based subsidiary of Israel Corporation’s IC […]

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