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Why Opposing the RFS Is Bad for Our National Security and Our Economy

By Brent Erickson Executive Vice President and Head, Industrial & Environmental Section, The Biotechnology Industry Organization Big oil companies and refiners continue the drumbeat against the RFS, even in the face of more Middle East military conflict, political instability and higher gas prices that are a result of the turmoil overseas. Amidst heavy lobbying efforts […]

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EPA adds biogas-based fuels to RFS, delays action on advanced biobutanol

In Washington, the EPA qualified additional fuel pathways for cellulosic biofuel under the National Renewable Fuel Standard program. This final rule also provides guidance regarding the feedstocks that EPA considers to be crop residues, including clarification that EPA considers corn kernel fiber to be a crop residue. Unsurprisingly, crop residues won the EPA’s OK — […]

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Biodiesel producers being Washington fly-in

In Washington, nearly 100 biodiesel producers, feedstock suppliers and other advocates traveled to Washington this week to voice concerns about the Obama Administration’s proposed Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) for biodiesel. The biodiesel supporters, who are visiting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill beginning Tuesday, arrive at a critical time for the industry, which has seen widespread […]

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EPA extends compliance dates for 2013 RFS again

In Washington, the EPA has extended compliance dates for the 2013 RFS again, now till Sept. 30, while the submission of the attest engagement reports has been extended until Jan. 30, 2015. The finalized 2014 rule is still waiting to be announced following the receipt of more than 300,000 comments based on the proposed rule […]

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Defusing the cellulosic bomb inside the Renewable Fuel Standard

Thought the 2014 volume debate over the Renewable Fuel Standard was tough enough? What about the ticking bomb inside the RFS — that could completely flat-line the value of cellulosic RINs and make it near impossible to build cellulosic biofuels capacity for the US market, ever? Good news, though. This UXB, though deadly, may be […]

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When Refiners Cry Wolf, Who Will Be Fooled?

EPA’s proposed rule went too far in correcting a problem largely of the refiners’ own making. It’s in the nation’s interest to put the final RFS rule back on course. By Brent Erickson, Executive Vice President; Head, Industrial & Environmental section Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Last year, it appears that the Philadelphia area oil refiners had […]

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House’s ag sub-committee hears testimony on RFS impacts on livestock industry

In Washington, the House’s agriculture sub-committee held a hearing last week about impacts of the RFS on livestock producers, with the USDA sticking up for the RFS saying that though corn prices did increase between 2005 and 2010, energy prices also increased significantly. Poultry producers testified saying that high corn prices are making poultry prices […]

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EPA hasn’t yet sent 2014 blending mandate to the White House

In Washington, the EPA hasn’t yet submitted the final rule for the 2014 RFS mandate to the White House, despite rumors to the contrary. The EPA has submitted the RFS Pathways II and Amendments to the Renewable Fuel Standard to the White House Office of Management and Budget but the document doesn’t including the blending […]

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Emitters Protection Agency or Environmental Protection Agency?

BIO: EPA’s proposed backslide on RFS will increase greenhouse gases By Brent Erickson Executive Vice President; Head, Industrial & Environmental Section The Biotechnology Industry Organization I cannot remember an EPA rule that would actually cause environmental backsliding, but the recent proposed rule for the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) will if it is not changed. […]

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Nine oil refiners paid $1.35 billion for RINs in 2013

In New York, Reuters reports that the nine oil refiners who report their RIN purchases paid $1.35 billion to comply with the RFS when RIN prices trebled in price last year. The number would be much higher if other refiners were included. Independent refiners appeared to shoulder the brunt of the expenses as they did […]

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