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Russia sees Chinese as major biofuel export market

In Russia, biofuel producers see China is a potentially huge market for their production, especially thanks to low feedstock costs in more remote areas like Siberia or the Volga River areas but transportation challenges resulting from a lack of railroad options and political barriers remain obstacles to entering.

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BRICS and mortar: the fast-growing BRIC economies take aim at aviation biofuels

Brazil, Russia, India and China — and throw in South Africa for a complete BRICSA set. The vaunted new economic engines for the 21st century — and, lately, home to a beehive of activity around drop-in, sustainable, aviation biofuels. What’s up, with whom, where, when and why? In the motion picture Casablanca, most of the […]

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US liquid fuel production to overtake Russia, thanks to biofuels

In Russia, US liquid fuel production is expected to overtake Russian production this quarter as the US returns to prominence as a global fuel powerhouse, US media reports. Russia produces 10.81 million barrels per day, compared to America’s 10.28 mbpd, but with ethanol and biodiesel production accounted for, the US total is expected to reach […]

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Airbus and RT-Biotechprom sign aviation biofuel agreement

In Russia, Airbus and RT-Biotechprom have signed an agreement to make aviation biofuel from Russian sources, planning to have results by the end of 2014. ‘This partnership will be a significant step in implementing our strategy of developing biotechnology in Russia, including deep processing of renewable biomass,’ RT-Biotechprom CEO Sergei Kraevoi was quoted as saying. […]

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Russians may invest in Jamaican sweet sorghum ethanol project

In Jamaica, several Russian investors are interested to jointly develop a sweet sorghum-to-ethanol plant on the island with byproducts such as animal feed and brewing applications seen as potential benefits for using the crop rather than sugarcane. Discussions are already underway at ministerial level to develop the project.

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Tatarstan Clean Tech Fund targets biofuels

In Russia, Russian investment fund, Republic of Tatarstan and Wermuth Asset Management plan are setting up the Tatarstan Clean Tech Fund which is meant to invest in the mostly foreign companies which produce waste to energy technology, biodiesel fuel and nano fracking technologies who are interested to introduce their technologies to the oil-depleted region. So […]

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Russia to produce biojet fuel from sawdust

In Russia, the deputy transport minister has announced that the country will begin producing biojet fuel from sawdust due to the vast amount of forestry waste in the country. Though the fuel is not expected to be cheaper than kerosene, the government will not apply an environmental tax to it. More on the story.

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Russia aims to boost ag exports through bioenergy

In Russia, with international reports of droughts and grain shortages, Deputy Agriculture Minister Alexander Petrikov this week stated at an agricultural form, “Russia could become a supplier of oilseeds, oil, biodiesel and ethanol as alternative fuel, cattle and goat meat, game and aquaculture products to the European union in the future.” The reflects the reality […]

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Downloadable report on EU, Russian, Ukraine ETBE, MTBE market

In Azerbaijan, the Тural-110 consulting group released a comprehensive assessment of “Europe’s dieselization”, and the gasoline and ETBE and MTBE additive markets in Europe, Russia and Ukraine. According to Tural, consumption of gasoline in Europe decreased by 23.1 million tons (19.3% – see Table 1) as compared to 2003, while diesel consumption increased from 163 […]

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Russian wildfires threaten global grain rpices

In Russia, “fires->grain exports ban->prices” goes the warning from Digest readers, who tipped us off over a grain export ban called for by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin after Russian fires increased to 196,000 hectares, and Russia’s worst drought since the 1990s appeared to worsen in its impact. Putin is reported to have called for up […]

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