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On the move in the bioeconomy: Elevance, Heliae, Solena, LeSage, VecoPlan

In Illinois, Elevance Renewable Sciences announced that it has hired Robert “Bob” Kumpf as the company’s CTO. Prior to joining Elevance, Kumpf served as Chief Operating Officer at Plextronics and previously as Chief Administrative Officer at Bayer MaterialScience. In Arizona, Heliae announced the promotion of Adrian Galvez to COO, Fred Tennant to VP of Business […]

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Up, up and away: aviation biofuels players start building capacity

Great Scott! Look up in the Sky! There hasn’t been a hotter sector in biofuels demand than aviation. Now, flight tests and fuel development has given way to real capacity building. Who’s in the lead to win in this $180 billion sector? Faster than a speeding bullet…more powerful than a locomotive…that’s the growth and momentum […]

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Solena, SAS partner for aviation biofuels project at Stockholm Airport

Solena and SAS announced a partnership to develop a waste-to-jet fuel project at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, with a goal of establishing similar projects in Denmark and Norway. The Arlanda project will gasify waste biomass, including municipal solid waste, and process the resulting syngas it into bio-based synthetic paraffinic kerosene, or renewable jet fuel. Solena, […]

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Phase Shift: 12 Hot Gas-based biofuels technologies

Jumpin’ Jack Flash! It’s a gas, gas, gas! New technologies bring gases into the vanguard of advanced biofuels feedstocks. In traditional biofuels, the story to date been all about solids and liquids – grains, juices, mash, slurries and eventually files, chemicals and biomaterials. A lot of the early companies through the advanced biofuels IPO gate […]

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Solena Fuels sets biojet facility construction plan in motion

In California, Solena Fuels expects to put in its planning application with the City of Gilroy for construction of its first biojet facility sometime within the coming year. The company says it still has a lot of development work to do on details and consultations with the community before it asks for permission to build […]

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UK-NY in one hour in algae-powered rocket plane: Paris Air Show

Paris when it Sizzles: EADS announces algae-powered, Mach 4-hurtling ZEHST rocket plane at Paris Air Show; nine airlines sign garbage-to-biofuels fuel deals with Solena Airbus parent company EADS announced its “Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation” (ZEHST) rocket plane it hopes will be able to fly from Melbourne to London in under 3.5 hours, or London – […]

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Alitalia signs with Solena for MSW-to-aviation fuels project

In Italy, Alitalia has signed a deal with Solena—who is currently developing a biojet project with British Airways—to explore transforming MSW into biojet using the Fischer-Tropsch process. A location for the project has not yet been set. More on the story.

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Biofuels developers get a taste for waste

Yesterday’s story on the partnership between Solena and Qantas — which will investigate the prospects for a waste-based Fischer-Tropsch processing plant in Australia to produce aviation jet fuel — elicited a lot of strong commentary from the readership on the potential for Fischer-Tropsch technologies. And brought out some very strong feelings about waste. On F-T, […]

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Qantas, Solena Group to partner in aviation biofuels effort

In Australia, Qantas and Solena Group have announced that they expect to finalize a partnership in the next two weeks to determine the feasibility of a Fischer-Tropsch based biofuels plant in Australia that will produce aviation biofuels from waste. Early last year, Solena inked a $309 million partnership with British Airways to construct a 16 […]

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