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North Dakota could be home to up to 13 energy beet biorefineries

In North Dakota, Green Vision Group thinks there are 13 communities in the state that could host biorefineries based on sufficient supply of locally-produced industrial sugar beet. Within a 20-mile radius of each community, farmers could supply 30,000 acres worth of energy beet annually to produce ethanol and biochemicals.

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Agriculture Canada gives Alberta beet farmers $600,000 for biofuels study

In Canada, the Alberta Sugar Beet Growers Association has received a $600,000 grant from Agriculture Canada to do a study looking at whether ethanol production from sugarbeet makes sense for the province. In addition to biofuel, the study will also look at the commercial viability of bio-glycol production.

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Patriot Bioenergy releases letter of intent for sugar beet facility

In Kentucky, Patriot Bioenergy delivered a letter of intent regarding the construction of its sugar beet facility, announcing that the energy facility will be constructed within the next two years. The project’s construction is contingent upon funding and approval from local government organizations. Patriot has been testing growing conditions for the last year on 20 […]

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Webco funds $150M sugarbeet ethanol plant in Kenya

In Kenya, a $150m biofuel production plant will open in Bungoma and will produce ethanol from tropical sugar beet. The plant, funded by Webco, is expected to open for a trial run early next year. The fuel will eventually be sold to Kenol Kobil and the National Oil Cooperation for blending. Sugar beets are seen […]

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$258M sugar beet ethanol project online in 2014 in South Africa

In South Africa, the $258.5 million Sugar Beet RSA ethanol facility could be online by 2014 with annual production of 200 million liters. Initial stages will see sugarbeet and sorghum as feedstock for 90 million liters of production. The company has already proven its concept with a pilot plant and hopes to begin construction on […]

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Ukraine sets aside 40 million tons of sugar beet for biofuels

In Ukraine, the Ministry of Agriculture announced an allocation of 40 million tons of sugar beet for biofuels production. While the profitability of sugar beets as a feedstock has not yet been examined, experts say that within 5 years Ukraine’s production capacity has the potential to increase by 16 times.

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Construction to begin on Colombian sugarbeet ethanol project

In Colombia, construction is set to begin during the first quarter of 2012 on the country’s first sugarbeet ethanol production plant. The facility, which will be located in the region of Boyacá, is expected to produce 300,000 liters of ethanol per day and is intended for use in the domestic market. The company has done […]

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Irish mull sugar beet ethanol project

In Ireland,  the Irish Sugar Beet Bio-Refinery Group has published a study calling for the construction of a sugar beet and grain ethanol plant in the southeast of Ireland.  The plant would cost an estimated €350 million to build. The plant would process sugar beets, grain and molasses, and produce 50 million liters of ethanol […]

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Mendota to develop $200 million power, ethanol, CNG project in California

In California, the Mendota Advanced Bioenergy Beet Cooperative are developing a $200 million project to produce ethanol, electricity and compressed natural gas from sugarbeet and orchard waste. The area used to supply sugarbeets to Spreckels Sugar but the plant shut down two years ago. They are seeking a state grant of $1.5 million to get […]

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