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EU bioenergy potential from a resource efficiency perspective

Report calls for a broader biomass mix and more perennial crops. In the UK, Bioenergy production must use resources more efficiently, says a new report from the European Environment Agency, and follow EU resource efficiency principles. The report, ‘EU bioenergy from a resource efficiency perspective’, primarily looks at the potential for energy from agricultural land, […]

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BASF develops new sustainability metric for Canada

In Canada, BASF is set launch a new method to measure sustainability in Canada. The company’s new proprietary tool, AgBalance, uses a set of 69 indicators to calculate the social, economic and environmental impact of various farming practices. The results help growers identify the most impactful levers to improve their overall sustainability score. BASF is […]

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“NCS International Certifies Worlds First Company Against Global Sustainable Biofuels Benchmark.”

Today on Twitter. VictoriaSicilia: reality check..destroying lives + the environment elsewhere while we say we’re well on our way with a “green” movement? nwgreene: BIG: NCS International Certifies Worlds First Company Against Global Sustainable Biofuels Benchmark JenkinsChase: Best idea ever! Marijuana biofuels. Know how biodeisel smells French fries? Think about iiiiit(; LiberalNewt: #Newt #Gingrich has […]

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Canadians push for food industry reform to assist sustainability movement

In Canada, citizens concerned with balancing the need for sustainable energy, and the need for sustainable food supplies are putting pressure on policy makers to cut red tape and increase investment and productivity in agriculture. According to Food & Consumer Product of Canada, food industry regulations have not been significantly updated since 1953 and do […]

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Sustainability Report Card for biodiesel launched

In Texas, the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance unveiled the first retail locations scored through the Sustainability Report Card for biodiesel at the nozzle. This new system that scores biodiesel based on a host of requirements including: biodiesel feedstock type, feedstock origin, how the fuel was produced and how far it travelled to point of sale. These […]

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Global Bioenergy Partnership launches 24 sustainability guidelines

In Italy, the Global Bioenergy Partnership, a government-level organization of 23 countries, has established a set of 24 sustainability guidelines that it will introduce at the upcoming G8 meeting. In addition the Partnership has approved to launch a capacity building initiative that seeks to promote the optimum use of modern bioenergy for sustainable development. The […]

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Netherlands' NEN launches biofuels sustainability certification scheme

In the Netherlands, the national standards institute NEN has launched a sustainability certification scheme with Rotterdam Climate Initiative to certify the sustainability of all kinds of biomass including solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. The scheme has been sent to the European Commission for approval as a voluntary certificate under the Renewable Energy Directive. More on […]

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Nigeria aims for new direction on palm oil policy

In Nigeria, the Initiative for Public Policy Analysis has released “Palm Oil and Economic Development in Nigeria and Ghana; Recommendations for the World Bank’s 2010 Palm Oil Strategy,” in which  highlights the importance for the World Bank to stay focused on its original mission of poverty reduction through economic development. It argues that imposing burdensome […]

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EU proposes sustainable biofuels guidelines; "Protectionism!" cries World Growth

In Brussels, the EU Energy Commissioner presented the EU’s proposed guidelines on sustainable biofuels. The package includes three primary principles: 1. Sustainable Biofuel Certificates: The Commission encourages industry, governments and NGOs to set up “voluntary schemes” to certify biofuel sustainability – and explains the standards these must meet to gain EU recognition. 2. Protecting untouched […]

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Today in Biofuels Opinion: "The problem with algae is that it is simply not as far along in terms of the biology and engineered systems."

Ron Pate, Sandia National Labs: “The DOE has not officially laid out an explicit timeline for algae biofuels commercialization, and I don’t know that they ever will.  I have suggested in this and past presentations that getting algae biofuels to the point of commercial viability could take another decade, depending on how things progress over […]

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