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Texas A&M study shows mesquite could be good bioenergy feedstock

In Texas, a recent Texas A&M AgriLife Research study will be published in the BioEnergy Research journal, outlining how mesquite, growing in abundance in some regions of the southwest, could fit into the overall picture for bioenergy. The paper is based on the study, Economic and Greenhouse Gas Efficiency of Honey Mesquite Relative to Other […]

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Vessels loads 40,000 m3 of ethanol in Houston heading for Brazil

In Texas, a vessel is being loaded with 40,000 cubic meters of ethanol in Houston destined for Brazil’s Suape port. Brazil’s ICMS state tax is currently being waived on ethanol imports going into the north and northeastern states of Pernambuco and Paraiba before Aug. 15. The shipment is expected to land on Aug. 6. Reuters […]

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KiOR may sell the company after missing loan payment

In Texas, KiOR said in an SEC statement that it has hired Guggenheim Securities to advise on possibly selling the company after it failed to make a $1.88 million loan payment on June 30. The state of Mississippi has agreed to a loan forbearance on the $75 million loan it received—and still owes $69.4 million […]

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Benefuel closes $11 million series C raise

In Texas, Benefuel Inc. announced that it has closed $11 million in the first tranche of its offering of Series C Preferred Stock. A U.S. subsidiary of Suncor Energy, Canada’s leading integrated energy company was the primary subscriber. The first tranche also included Flint Hills Resources and other existing shareholders. Additionally, Benefuel and Suncor have […]

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KiOR receives 4-month extension on Mississippi debt

In Mississippi, KiOR has been granted another four months to raise money and resume repaying its $69.4 million debt to the state rather than be forced into bankruptcy with Mississippi seizing its Columbus refinery. The state negotiated a short-term forbearance agreement with KiOR under which the company will pay Mississippi $250,000, and the state will […]

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Rice University converts biodiesel waste into chemicals with nanoparticles

In Texas, Rice University chemical engineer Michael Wong has spent a decade amassing evidence that palladium-gold nanoparticles are excellent catalysts for cleaning polluted water, but even he was surprised at how well the particles converted biodiesel waste into valuable chemicals. Through dozens of studies, Wong’s team focused on using the tiny metallic specks to break […]

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Grand jury indicts fraudster on 68 counts of RIN scams worth $29 million

In Texas, a federal grand jury in Houston has indicted Philip Joseph Rivkin, aka Felipe Poitan Arriaga, with 68 counts including allegations of wire fraud, mail fraud, Clean Air Act false statements, and money laundering for RIN offenses via Green Diesel LLC, Fuel Streamers Inc., and Petro Constructors LLC. The Justice Department estimates the scam […]

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Texas A&M researchers measuring GHG footprint of bioenergy cropping systems

In Texas, researchers in the Texas A&M University soil and crop sciences department have been measuring greenhouse gases from biofuel production scenarios to help quantify the carbon footprint of a bioenergy cropping system and evaluate compliance with federally mandated reduction goals.  

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Flint Hills Resources buys PetroLogistics

In Texas, PetroLogistics have entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Flint Hills Resources. Flint Hills Resources will acquire all of PetroLogistics’ outstanding common units for $14.00 per common unit in cash, except for those common units owned by Lindsay Goldberg LLC, York Capital Management, PetroLogistics’ Executive Chairman and its President and Chief […]

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Texas A&M researchers develop tools to quickly evaluate algal strains

In Texas, researchers at Texas A&M are developing microfluidic lab-on-a-chip systems that can be used as high-throughput screening tools to quickly evaluate the growth and oil production characteristics of numerous algal strains under various growth conditions. Their paper describes how the team demonstrated the development of 10s or 100s of pico-liter sized photobioreactors on a […]

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