Missing Link awarded four patents for algae biomass technology

In Texas, Missing Link Technology has been awarded patents for its deep water growth, harvesting, oils extraction, and biocrude extraction integrated suite of solutions.

1) MicGro Deep Water Reactor/Process: A engineered system of a series of one to ten foot deep water bioreactors configured in a stirred tank followed by a plug flow process flow design that generates algae biomass growth rates on an exponentially superior basis.

2) Shepherd Harvester: Harvesting process that eliminates the requirement to pump large volumes of water / hydraulic transport and concentrates mature algae cells to increase harvesting potential.

3) Alginator: A high pressure / high shear continuous system designed for extracting DHA/Omega oils from algae by employing rapid non-equilibrium decompression which harnessing the energy from within the algae cells to rupture and capture the oils for market.  Design maximizes oil extraction while being the low-cost low-energy solution.

4) Algaefaction: Hydrothermal Liquefaction is a continuous process that converts algae biomass directly into crude oil by utilizing a combination of pressure ranges, temperature ranges and a proprietary catalyst suitable for meeting our transportation fuel needs.

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Indian Oil Corp. seeking to build ethanol plant using Celanese’s TCX® technology

In Texas, Indian Oil Corporation and Celanese Corporation signed an MOU on Oct. 1 to explore the potential of a joint investment in a fuel ethanol plant to be built in India, based on Celanese’s TCX® Technology. The project is expected to be located at Paradip in Odisha State of India and will utilize petroleum coke from Indian Oil’s refineries as the key feedstock. Other potential locations will also be investigated.

The potential investment would create significant value addition by converting petcoke, a by-product in the refining process, to a low-cost, high-octane and clean-burning gasoline blending component (ethanol) and potentially other co-product petrochemical derivatives. Ethanol, an ideal blending stock for gasoline production, will help in meeting the rising gasoline demand of India. Celanese and IOCL are undertaking this collaborative study that will benefit both companies as well as India as a whole.


Southwest Airlines signs Red Rock Biofuels to supply aviation jetfuel from 2016

In Texas, Southwest Airlines® has signed an agreement with Red Rock Biofuels LLC (RRB) to purchase low carbon renewable jet fuel, made using forest residues that will help reduce the risk of destructive wildfires in the Western United States. The airline’s agreement with RRB covers the purchase of approximately three million gallons per year. The blended product will be used at Southwest’s Bay Area operations with first delivery expected in 2016.