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NatureWorks Asia seeking $78.2 million in soft loans for bio-plastics in Thailand

In Thailand, NatureWorks Asia Pacific, a joint venture between PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC) and based Cargill, are requesting the government to provide $78.2 million in soft loans to help jumpstart the bio-plastics industry in the country. Those loans would then spur 40 times the investment from the private sector within the next five to 10 years, […]

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Thailand promoting massive growth in oil palm production at expense of rubber

In Thailand, the government has boosted the price paid to farmers to cut down rubber trees following a 20% cut in global rubber prices and is encouraging them to instead plant oil palm trees to increase biodiesel production. The plan is to cut down 350,000 rubber trees per year, up from 250,000 trees originally, while […]

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Bankgchak buys ethanol plant for $23.8 million

In Thailand, Bangchak Petroelum has agreed to purchase more shares in the ethanol plant in Chachoengsao for $23.8 million, reaching a total shareholding of 85%.The facility uses cassava as feedstock. The facility is just 120km from the company’s blending facility outside of Bangkok.  

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PTT may use spoiled rice for ethanol

In Thailand, the Finance Ministry may sell 100,000 metric tons of spoiled rice to PTT for use as ethanol feedstock after discovering that so much of the rice pledged by farmers at between THB15,000 and THB20,000 per ton had spoiled. Though the price still has to be negotiated, the finance ministry’s permanent secretary expects that […]

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Thailand looking to set up mini-biodiesel plants to get unsafe oil out of food

In Thailand, the director of a regional medical center is working with local authorities to set up small-scale biodiesel production in an attempt to deter used cooking oil from being bleached and re-sold back into the market. Apparently only about 20 million liters of cooking oil gets used for biodiesel production ever year, compared to […]

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Thailand finishes up two years of successful B20 trials for large trucks

In Thailand, the Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency Department has successfully completed two years of B20 trials, both in the lab and in the field with the aim of eventually supplying the blend for large trucks. Most trucks in the country don’t achieve the Euro 3 standard, with trucks accounting for 60% of the diesel […]

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Thai company to build biofuel plant in Myanmar

In Thailand, Sahacogen (Chonburi) Plc plans to build a 600 metric ton per day biofuel facility on the Myanmar side of the Thai border with the intention of serving both markets. Feedstock nor biofuel type were specified.  

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Thailand’s energy price reform may in the end force ethanol closures

In Thailand, a proposal is seeking to end the Oil Fund which in turn may force ethanol plants to close while turning subsidies for renewables in general on its end. The move comes as the country seeks to reform its energy prices that have been artificially manipulated and only really resulted in short-term benefits before […]

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Thai sugar producer to invest US$132.4 million in ethanol and expansion

In Thailand, Khonburi Sugar plans to invest US$132.4 million in the production of a 200,000 liter per day ethanol facility and boosting its cane crushing capacity to 12,000 metric tons per day, a project that is meant to take 15 months. The company decided to make the move into ethanol to help diversify away from […]

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Thailand’s PTG Energy studies investing in ethanol and biodiesel

In Thailand, PTG Energy is looking to invest in ethanol and biodiesel production to compliment its growing network of fueling stations that could hit 1,000 by the end of the year. Details of the potential investments weren’t revealed other than the company is studying the opportunities. It recently opened its ninth fuel depot in the […]

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