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Thailand looking to set up mini-biodiesel plants to get unsafe oil out of food

In Thailand, the director of a regional medical center is working with local authorities to set up small-scale biodiesel production in an attempt to deter used cooking oil from being bleached and re-sold back into the market. Apparently only about 20 million liters of cooking oil gets used for biodiesel production ever year, compared to […]

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Thailand finishes up two years of successful B20 trials for large trucks

In Thailand, the Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency Department has successfully completed two years of B20 trials, both in the lab and in the field with the aim of eventually supplying the blend for large trucks. Most trucks in the country don’t achieve the Euro 3 standard, with trucks accounting for 60% of the diesel […]

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Thai company to build biofuel plant in Myanmar

In Thailand, Sahacogen (Chonburi) Plc plans to build a 600 metric ton per day biofuel facility on the Myanmar side of the Thai border with the intention of serving both markets. Feedstock nor biofuel type were specified.  

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Thailand’s energy price reform may in the end force ethanol closures

In Thailand, a proposal is seeking to end the Oil Fund which in turn may force ethanol plants to close while turning subsidies for renewables in general on its end. The move comes as the country seeks to reform its energy prices that have been artificially manipulated and only really resulted in short-term benefits before […]

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Thai sugar producer to invest US$132.4 million in ethanol and expansion

In Thailand, Khonburi Sugar plans to invest US$132.4 million in the production of a 200,000 liter per day ethanol facility and boosting its cane crushing capacity to 12,000 metric tons per day, a project that is meant to take 15 months. The company decided to make the move into ethanol to help diversify away from […]

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Thailand’s PTG Energy studies investing in ethanol and biodiesel

In Thailand, PTG Energy is looking to invest in ethanol and biodiesel production to compliment its growing network of fueling stations that could hit 1,000 by the end of the year. Details of the potential investments weren’t revealed other than the company is studying the opportunities. It recently opened its ninth fuel depot in the […]

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Thai ethanol producer to use IPO funds for biogas power project

In Thailand, the country’s third-largest ethanol producer will use about 296 million shares from its upcoming IPO to fund a 3MW biogas power plant, along with reducing debt and increasing working capital. The power plant will supply the ethanol plant and is expected to significantly reduce its power costs. The two phases of the project […]

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PTT teams with Mitr Phol on E85 for northern Thailand

In Thailand, PTT and Mitr Phol are setting up a joint venture to produce E85. The $939,000 facility will be online by the end of 2014, producing half a million liters of fuel daily.  PTT will then distribute the fuel in the northern and northeastern parts of the country, helping to extend E85 availability beyond […]

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Thai fuel retailer wants to team with sugar mills on ethanol production

In Thailand, the country’s six-largest fuel retailer PTG Energy, is looking to tie up with sugar millers who haven’t yet invested in ethanol production to do so. The company raised $49.7 million in an IPO last year but hasn’t yet spent the money. Negotiations with mills could take another two or three months to be […]

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Phuket seeking $22.6 million to build MSW-to-biofuel facility

In Thailand, Phuket’s Provincial Administration Organization is seeking $22.6 million to build a waste-to-biofuel facility that would use the entire island’s MSW as feedstock. Funding for the project will be sought from the national Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

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