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"Green VC Up, IPOs Hurting in Q3."

Today on Twitter. GrowthEnergy: Legislation to repeael RFS would hurt Nebraska economy, national economy: epareporter: Some 90% of 190 sampled streams that drain #agricultural and urban watersheds find high #nutrient levels. retroborg: Brag time: Danish reporters states that Novozymes has the best image and is best at press relation. greentechmedia: Green VC Up, IPOs Hurting […]

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"Modified motorcycle burns vegetable oil in record-setting run."

Today on Twitter. HamonAkenobv: Food Versus Fuel: An Informed Introduction to Biofuels: golden_alchemy: @stuartsharpe @gift_of_the_fab LibDems do not support #DoctorWho – the Tardis does not run on biofuels and he refuses to pay 50% tax BobMetcalfe: In previous life lost a lot of money trying to farm algae for biofuels; happy to see fierce new […]

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"It will take both corn and cellulosic."

Today on Twitter. benlubbon: @ariannahuff #Congress do your job; Transportation Authorizations occur 6 yrs 1.usa.gov/o0LdZE Time 2 fund asphalt #HSR #biofuels #JobsBill BiocomInstitute: Biofuels certificate program at UCSD trains workers via EDGE Grant Funding http://t.co/GfG0ujg climate_justice: Breaking News – EU to delay action on biofuels’ indirect impact (http://t.co/bUWxDok cberrl: But arent the other biofuels like […]

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"Microalgae Oil: 07.09.2011 price is 0.48$/Liter."

Today on Twitter. cownutritionist: Q5: Corn seems to go to the highest bidder, unless it’s home grown for livestock. Not sure if genetics are geared for biofuels yet. mksoley: Microalgae Oil: 07.09.2011 price is 0.48$/Liter. Today production is 2400 Barrels/day JackyMoso: Fresh on MoSo Technology Blog: Basic Biofuels Canada Agrees to Obtain Land in the […]

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"I want the crushing inevitability of algae!"

Today on Twitter. EthanolMarket: Brazil will cut the content of anhydrous ethanol in gasoline down to 20% from the current 25%, effective October, 2011, johnhawkinsrwn: We still have incredibly wasteful & destructive ethanol subsidies primarily because Iowa goes 1st in picking the POTUS every 4 years. #dumb PlattsOil: Brazil’s #ethanol output has fallen 19% to […]

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"Panda poop could revolutionize biofuels"

Today on Twitter. OPISBiofuels: #USDA Sec. Tom Vilsack, Navy Sec. Ray Mabus holding conference call to “announce new developments” in advanced #biofuels partnership. fredrick_cowan: Ask POET is an online show from POET, the world’s largest producer of biofuels and a leading develo… natzoopandas: We couldn’t resist sharing this! RT @grist Panda poop could revolutionize biofuels […]

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"Field to Fryer to Fuel."

Today on Twitter. co2news: It’s a Good Day for Biofuel Enthusiasts DayGroup: Biofuels Potential to Transform the Global Economy | The Costa Rica ecohouses: Company Takes Biodiesel From Field to Fryer to Fuel: August 27, 2011 Company Takes Biodiesel From Field to Fryer… AmyParkerPhD: This article contains some interesting information about biofuels and the policies […]

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"The forest companies of the future."

Today on Twitter. innovationfire: Cars could run on recycled newspaper gpi: I just added “Biofuels: Ethical Issues” to our Policy Library. Good work from the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. rlnicholson2: Biofuels pulls ahead of utilities w/ CCS – DOE Applauds Nation’s First Large-Scale Industrial CCS Facility drbiomass: The forest companies of the future

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"How do we best grow a grassroots Biofuels movement?"

Today on Twitter. Biochat: Tonight’s #Biochat Topic: How do we best grow a grassroots #Biofuels movement? WICornHeiress: If #farmers in 3rd world countries could be as productive as the #American farmer, we would feed 60% more people while having #biofuels. navyexperience: NEW: Investing in Advanced Biofuels to Create Jobs JoyFarmgirl: @WICornHeiress: corn is a renewable […]

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"How the Advanced Biofuels Initiative Aligns with 25x'25's Vision"

Today on Twitter. Sean_OHanlon: How the Advanced #Biofuels Initiative Aligns with 25x’25′s Vision blog.25×25.org #biochat BIOblogger: BPA Hosts Successful Washington Fly-In #biochat BizAvAutoFeed: U.S. will ask aerospace industry how to proceed with biofuels JessicaSexsmith: @EarthActivists here’s a great report on biofuels and its global effect as well as making it a more sustainable option. CareerAndBizOps: […]

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