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Nine people in UK arrested on fuel tax fraud

In the UK, nine people were arrested for allegedly selling kerosene and biodiesel as duty-paid road diesel, a scheme which netted GBP3 million. The sting took place in Sussex, Kent, East London, Hampshire and Somerset after raids by 170 HM Revenue and Customs officers.

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Institute of Food Research looks at rapeseed straw as biofuel feedstock

In the UK, researchers at the Institute of Food Research are looking at how to turn straw from oilseed rape into biofuel. Preliminary findings are pointing at ways the process could be made more efficient, as well as how the straw itself could be improved. Straw from crops such as wheat, barley, oats and oilseed […]

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Sustainable Aviation releases paper on future of aviation biofuels

In the UK, in its discussion paper, “Fuelling the Future”, published by Sustainable Aviation on the eve of the Farnborough International Airshow, the industry coalition sets out its views on the vital and increasing role of sustainable aviation fuels in significantly cutting carbon emissions from UK aviation. It also explores the contribution – up to […]

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LowCVP says UK automotive sector revitalized by carbon reduction policy

In the UK, a new report from the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership shows the UK automotive sector has been revitalized by consistently applied policy centered on cutting carbon. Carried out for LowCVP by E4tech and the Centre for Automotive Industry Research at Cardiff Business School, the study was conducted between March and June 2014. The […]

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EnAlgae says algae is no better than palm oil

In the UK, the EnAlgae team has published a paper implying that algae are currently no more productive than palm oil. The authors explain that whilst technologies may be improving, algae physiology remains the limiting factor to achieving higher productivity and that the only way to remedy this is through genetic modification. Authors Phil Kenny […]

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Forest Fuels awarded DECC BSL approval for wood chips and wood pellets

In the UK, Forest Fuels is amongst the first UK biomass fuel suppliers to be included as an approved supplier on the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) for both wood chip and wood pellet. The Biomass Suppliers List is a method which will be used to provide RHI participants […]

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UK biofuel consumption rose 22% year-on-year during Q1

In the UK, biofuel consumption rose 22% on the year during the first quarter at 387 million liters. Growth in biodiesel consumption accounted for most of the increase with 195 million liters consumed, up 52% on the year and accounting for 3% of UK diesel consumption. Ethanol consumption was negligible, accounting for 4.5% of gasoline […]

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UK’s Carbon Capture Centre to award £2.57 million to 14 new CCS projects

In the UK, the Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre (UKCCSRC) has announced the allocation of £2.57million from its research budget to support 14 new CCS research projects. These projects, including 7 on CO2 capture (£1,128,000), 5 on CO2 cross-cutting issues (£1,040,000), and 2 on CO2 storage (£399,000) have attracted a total of £2 million in additional co-funding […]

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LowCVP publishes twin reports on biofuel policy in the UK

In the UK, the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, LowCVP, which has been at the forefront of policy formation for fuels in the UK, has published twin reports which set out how the UK could meet the targets for 2020, defined in the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, and proceed on a pathway to decarbonise road transport […]

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Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership’s scenarios for meeting UK’s 2020 renewable transport target

From the EU, the Renewable Energy Association is hailing scenarios published by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership as “an important step forward for the sustainable biofuels industry”, noting that “the absence of a clear Government plan for meeting the 2020 renewable transport target has seen investment in the sector grind to a halt.” The LowCVP […]

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