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Marine Stewardship Council developing sustainability standard for algae

In the UK, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is expanding its sustainability standard beyond wild-capture fish and invertebrate fisheries for the first time to include various groups of wild multicellular algae, commonly referred to as seaweed. With global seaweed fishery production increasing, and demand for MSC certification of seaweed harvesting increasing, the MSC has recognized […]

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Solena Fuels chooses site in Essex for aviation biofuel facility

In the UK, British Airways and Solena Fuels have chosen Thurrock, Essex for its MSW-to-aviation biofuels project that will produce 120,000 metric tons of fuel annually from 2017. BA has commited to buy 50,000 tons of the fuel that will be made from 575,000 tons of post-recycled waste.

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UK cyclists protest biofuel-based power plant projects

In the UK, cyclists traveled from Bristol to Avonmouth to protest the development of Helius Energy’s bioenergy plant and W4B Bristol’s palm oil biofuel plant. The protestors claims that the projects are a “green scam.” The mayor of Bristol is so against the W4B project that he wrote to the Treasury asking the government not […]

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UK announces rules for small-scale biodiesel producers

In the UK, the Environmental Agency has released rules that will allow an operator to operate a Part A low impact installation for the production of biodiesel at a specified location. Permitted raw materials and wastes are limited to new and waste vegetable oils and rendered animal fat. The total quantity of raw materials and […]

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UK’s Ensys ethanol plant still offline with no foreseen restart date

In the UK, CropEnergies’ ethanol plant does not yet have a restart date but will continue into April. The facility, purchased from Ensys in July last year, was taken offline in early March with the expectation of stopping production for two weeks. Platts reports that the company recently exported 16,500 cu to Raizen for export […]

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ODI says food insecurity in developing countries not linked to biofuels

In the UK, the Overseas Development Institute has released a new study showing that existing evidence does not point to increased food insecurity in developing countries as a result of biofuels. Instead, the food security impacts from biofuels production may not be markedly different than for other agri-based projects. Other factors appear to provide a […]

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UK ethanol producers switching to corn in hopes of boosting margins

In the UK, ethanol producers are switching to corn from wheat in an attempt to improve distilling margins. Wheat consumption for ethanol production has fallen 2% during the first 21 weeks of the current 2013/14 marketing year. Corn imports for both industrial and human consumption are expected to increase 19% on the year to just […]

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UK finally grants CME approval to begin trading

In the UK, national authorities including the Financial Conduct Authority and the Bank of England have at last given the CME permission to set up a commodities exchange in the country that will include derivatives such as biodiesel futures. Trading will begin on April 27 after initial trading dates were postponed twice due to delayed […]

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Scotland to invest USD $800,000 in biofuels

In the UK, the Scottish Biofuel program at Edinburgh Napier University’s Sighthill campus will receive a boost in funding, according to the Scottish Minister for Energy, Enterprise, and Tourism, Fergus Ewing. The announcement, which will grant additional funding of nearly USD $800,000 over the next two years, echoed the Minister’s hopes that Scottish Biofuel will […]

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ICCT study says waste-based fuels could provide 16% of demand by 2030

In the UK, ICCT has released a new study looking at the potential for waste-based fuels to provide major GHG reductions in Europe’s transportation sector. The study claims that if all the wastes and residues that are sustainably available in the European Union were converted only to biofuels, this could supply 16 per cent of […]

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