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There’s gold in them thar hills, er, I mean landfills

Where’s the future? Well, as John D. Rockefeller discovered, it’s in waste. As elections loom, who’s got vision, who’s got game? You might have noticed that the weather has been changing. Or, rather, that the usual weather is happening in unusual places. Frankenstorms, droughts — the water hasn’t been arriving where it is supposed to […]

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Election Day: Amidst Shifting Geopolitical Realities, U.S. Biofuels Industry Seeks Policy Clarity

By Mackinnon Lawrence As Americans head to the polls today, what appears to be a closely contested election is likely to turn on economic issues and competing visions for jumpstarting a tepid recovery since the 2008 economic crisis. With gasoline prices playing the role of bogeyman in the recovery, energy security continues to feature prominently […]

November 6, 2012 More

The 2010 US Elections: What You Thought

In yesterday’s Digest, we published some of our own, on the spot conclusions about the impact of this week’s historic US elections on the future of clean energy. Today, we turn it over to you, and reflect what you thought about the message from the voters, and the impact of the change in power and […]

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