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Velocys, Waste Management, NRG and Ventech give green light for first commercial gas-to-liquids plant

In Ohio, Velocys advises that the final investment decision has been made to proceed with construction of a commercial GTL plant using the Company’s technology. The project is being funded by a joint venture (JV) between Waste Management, NRG Energy, Ventech Engineers International and Velocys, formed to develop a series of GTL plants in the […]

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Velocys acquires Pinto Energy, stepping up GTL capacity

In Ohio, Velocys, the technology innovator for smaller scale gas-to-liquids (GTL), has announced the acquisition of Pinto Energy LLC and the Ashtabula GTL project. This represents a significant step in the North American oil & gas industry’s adoption of smaller scale GTL and of the Velocys technology, accelerating the development of “shovel ready” projects. As its […]

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British billionaire increases shares in UK biofuels company Velocys

In the UK, billionaire and Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich has increased his investment in the biofuel company Velocys by 1.59 million shares. Since Abramovich’s first Velocys investment in 2012, the company’s shares have risen over 33%. In partnership with British Airways, Velocys is currently planning to build a waste biomass to jet fuel […]

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Velocys: Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guide

Company description: Velocys enables modular gas-to-liquids (GTL) and biomass-to-liquids (BTL) plants to convert unconventional, remote and problem gas and waste biomass into valuable, drop-in liquid fuels. The Situation: In March 2014, Velocys, Waste Management, NRG Energy, and Ventech Engineers International announced a joint venture to develop gas-to-liquids plants in the United States and other select geographies. […]

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It’s 2014: get cracking!

Hydrotreating, catalytic cracking, pyrolysis, metathesis, supercritical, and catalytic reforming. It’s the big new wave heading for biofuels and biobased chemicals at scale. The secret word in the bioeconomy for 2014 starts with a C. Carbon? Chemicals? Cellulosic? Close, but guess again. Yep, it’s cracking. That is, breaking down the biobased feedstock with heat, pressure and […]

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Biorefinery 2015 – The Shape of advanced biofuels to come – Part II

In Part I of our special two-part series, we looked at changing financial structures. Today in part II, we look at a new set of technologies coming along that are redefining our ideas about scale and cost. As seen in part I of Biorefinery 2015: the first wave of cellulosic biofuels projects are now reaching […]

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Biofuels Digest 5-Minute Guides released for Altranex, Muradel, NexSteppe, Oxford Catalysts Group, Velocys, SG Biofuels

Biofuels Digest has released the next wave of its 5-Minute Guides – a “news you can use” digest on the leading companies in biofuels. Each 5-Minute Guide provides a company description, top development and commercialization, milestones for from 2010 through today, description of the business model; plus project info (location, feedstocks, product set, processing technology, […]

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Oxford Catalysts Group, Velocys: Biofuels Digest’s 5-Minute Guide

Company description:   (includes Oxford Catalysts Ltd, based near Oxford, UK and Velocys, Inc., based in Plain City, Ohio). The Oxford Catalyst Group Develops of catalysts and microchannel reactor technology for the generation of clean fuels from both conventional fossil fuels and biomass Address:  115e Milton Park, Oxford OX14 4RZ, UK Year founded: 2001: Velocys, Inc. […]

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Little Big Tech: Can Fischer-Tropsch technology work at smaller scale?

While companies pursue alternatives to Fischer-Tropsch technologies, Velocys is seeking to make F-T work economically with micro-reactors. In last week’s Digest, Robert Rapier aptly stated the challenge in front of XTL technologies – companies whose primary focus is gas-to-liquids (GTL), coal-to-liquids (CTL), or biomass-to-liquids (BTL): “The two major problems with any of the XTL technologies […]

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Codexis, Velocys, Cool Planet join Advanced Biofuels Association

In Washington, Codexis, Velocys, and CoolPlanet have joined the Advanced Biofuels Association, bringing its roster to 40 member companies. “Our members are demonstrating real world success every day by moving advanced replacement fuels from the beaker to the barrel, all in record time, without a lifetime of federally subsidized handouts,” said ABFA President Michael McAdams. The […]

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