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EPA’s delay on RFS hitting biodiesel producers hard

In Washington, with the EPA expected to announce RFS blending mandates for 2014 in September at the earliest, the biodiesel industry is suffering from sinking prices as buyers wait on the sidelines until the mandate is announced. The preliminary rule announced in November saw the 2014 mandate mimic the 2013 mandate of 1.28 billion gallons […]

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USGC secures permanent Malaysia exemption for DDGS imports

In Washington, Malaysian officials recently agreed to permanently exempt imports of U.S. distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and corn gluten meal (CGM) from that nation’s new, more stringent sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) and inspection regulations for agricultural commodities. The decision makes permanent a temporary exemption, granted in May, for the period from July 31 […]

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USDA releases new switchgrass for bioenergy

In Washington, the release of a new type of switchgrass specifically designed for bioenergy generation has been announced by USDA researchers and their partners. Agricultural Research Service scientists have spent decades working on different projects that contributed to the development of the cultivar “Liberty,” which can yield 8 tons of biomass per acre.  

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GSK settles with EPA over waste ethanol storage violations

In Washington, in a settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, GlaxoSmithKline, LLC (GSK) has agreed to properly manage the hazardous waste at its research and development facility in King of Prussia, Pa. GSK, located at 709 Swedeland Rd., has also agreed to pay a $317,550 penalty to settle the alleged violations of hazardous waste […]

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USDA report shows GHG impacts from agriculture

In Washington, the USDA has released a report that lays out methods for estimating changes in GHG emissions and carbon storage at a local scale for farm, ranch and forest managers. The methods in the report will be used to develop user-friendly tools for farmers, ranchers, forest landowners and other USDA stakeholders to help them […]

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Fuels America launches new campaign to save RFS

In Washington, Fuels America has launched a new campaign highlighting what would happen without the RFS. It’s list of 10 impacts include more oil imports, more profits for big oil execs, dirtier air and sending advanced biofuels overseas to countries like Brazil and China.  

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US ethanol exports soar 56% during H1

In Washington, the US Census Bureau says ethanol exports during the first half of the year increased 56% to 1.6 billion liters. June exports hit 227 million liters, up 13% over May and 76% on the year. Of the total exports in June, 151 million liters were denatured for fuel use, with 125 million liters […]

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EPA extends RFS 2013 deadline for a third time

In Washington, the EPA has extended the deadline for complying with the 2013 RFS to 30 days after the official publication of the 2014 RFS mandate. This is the third time the EPA has extended the compliance deadline. The agency says the extension is because oil companies need to know how many credits they need […]

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ABA wants White House to push EPA on faster pathway approvals

In Washington, the Advanced Biofuels Association is pushing the White House to speed up the approval process for new fuel pathways that would unlock the availability of more second-generation fuels on the market. Currently more than 35 applications are under review by the EPA, with an average approval process of two years, yet the EPA […]

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Grassley files amendments to jobs bill bringing back biodiesel tax breaks

In Washington, Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa filed amendments to restore the wind energy and domestic biodiesel tax incentives to the Bring Jobs Home Act before the Senate. The Bring Jobs Home Act has been widely criticized as a political messaging bill from the Senate majority that isn’t expected to pass and won’t accomplish its […]

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