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UWisc researcher modifies GA to produce compacter trees for feedstock

In Wisconsin, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin is exploring how genetic modification may be utilized to enhance various traits in trees for forestry and biofuel applications. Among these modification targets are gibberellic acid and lignin. Gibberellic acid (GA) is a plant hormone that promotes cell elongation but may be down-regulated to produce more […]

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Wisconsin in need of soybean biodiesel production

In Wisconsin, the lack of soybean processing facilities within the state weigh heavily on farmers who must transport their crop long distances to crush their crop. Four separate attempts to install soy crushing and biodiesel production, either integrated or co-located, failed due to various outside factors but studies show there is enough production to support […]

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Wisconsin may get mystery $15 million cellulosic ethanol plant

In Wisconsin, a proposed $15 million cellulosic ethanol plant is looking to set up production near the Ace Ethanol plant in Chippewa County. The unidentified company looking to set up the facility is hunting for 10 to 15 acres for the plant that could come online as soon as the end of 2014. The facility […]

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Wisconsin wind, solar incentives to be cut in favor of biofuels?

In Wisconsin, the Focus on Energy Program, which authorizes $10 million per year in wind and solar incentives, has been suspended through the end of 2013 as the state moves towards providing incentives for biofuel-specific projects such as manure digesters or waste wood burning. In 2011, the incentives were switched to a 75/25% structure favoring […]

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Ace Ethanol acquires shuttered Utical Energy ethanol plant

In Wisconsin, Ace Ethanol has approved the $16.5 million purchase of the Utica Energy Ethanol Plant and Utica Industries, both located near Oshkosh. The acquisition will double Ace’s production to nearly 100 million gallons per year. The plant was mothballed last September, but is expected to be running again this fall, and will be renamed […]

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Judge OKs Ace Ethanol’s purchase of Utica Energy in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, a Winnebago county judge has approved Ace Ethanol’s purchase of the Utica Energy ethanol plant in Oshkosh for $16.5 million. If shareholders agree to the purchase later in the month, production could ramp back up at the 50 million gallon plant by harvest time when it will be re-named Fox River Valley Ethanol.

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Didion threatened with a closure order over safety issues by fire department

In Wisconsin, Didion has been told to clean up the clutter blocking firemen’s access to the company’s ethanol plant in Courtland or else risk an order shutting them down until it’s been taken care of. The warning came during a village council meeting approving the renewal of the company’s transport permit. Didion said it had […]

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Wisconsin researchers get NSF grant for sugar-to-isoprene work

In Wisconsin, C5.6 Technologies of Middleton and the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology (WIST) at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point won a $224,967 National Science Foundation grant to continue work on developing bacteria that will ferment sugar into isoprene, a high-energy molecule that can be used to make jet and other fuels.

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UW-M researcher finds enzyme breakthrough in ant fungus

In Wisconsin, a researcher from the University of Wisconsin-Madison has discovered that the enzyme found in a fungus used by the South American leafcutter ant to digest leaves for it could be the next key to efficient second generation biofuels production. It’s the ants themselves who cultivate the fungus, and a team of researchers brought […]

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Leafcutter ant enzyme beneficial to cellulosic producers

In Wisconsin, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are researching an enzyme produced by leafcutter ants. The team has been able to isolate and identify the enzyme used by these critters to break down leaves and plant matter. The research, which could have tremendous implications for cellulosic producers, has encouraged several private companies to approach […]

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