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New PAA, Rendition, in the Agricultural Market

In Maryland, Certis USA introduced Rendition, a broad spectrum bactericide, fungicide and disinfectant, that contains a high concentration of peroxyacetic acid with a proprietary surfactant for superior coverage. PAA is a proven control measure for treating Alternaria, Botrytis (gray mold), mildews, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia diseases, for eliminating algae and for disinfecting farm workspaces. With its […]

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New Oil reports results of two year study on biomass to chemical conversion

In Louisiana, New Oil Resource’s website reports that a two year study has shown their catalyst and high water temperature process lead to 50% of test biomass being converted to a number of chemicals. The biomass tested included beets, corn stover, hay, and sugar cane.  New Oil’s website states, “The chemicals produced, in order of […]

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ZeaChem Begins Production of Cellulosic Chemicals and Ethanol

In Colorado, ZeaChem reports the production of commercial-grade cellulosic chemicals and ethanol at its 250,000 GPy biorefinery in Boardman, Oregon. ZeaChem’s demonstration facility is employing its C2  platform to produce cellulose-based ethanol and intermediate chemicals such as acetic acid and ethyl acetate. Through relatively simple processing adjustments, the ZeaChem platform technology can create C3 chemicals […]

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Top 10 Biobased Predictions for 2013

How big, how different will biobased become in 2013? We peer down into the Petri Dish to see what we think 2013 will bring. As the sunset of 2012 gives way to the dawn of 2013, here at the Digest we resist the holiday temptation to look back over the challenges and highlights of the […]

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Quitoquímica to develop chitosan based antimicrobial spray

In Chile, Quitoquímica is implementing a project to develop a bio-fungicide and bio-bactericide based on chitosan, a naturally polymer that can form films with an antimicrobial property. The project is being co-funded by the Foundation for Agrarian Innovation. The antimicrobial properties of chitosan can be increased with the addition of organic acids, such as acetic, […]

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Tick-tick-tick. Crude oil from algae in 60 seconds, really?

Researchers tout a process to make oil from algae biomass – is it pyro oil or a real biocrude? By: Robert Rapier, Energy Trends Insider If only 10% of the supposed energy breakthroughs panned out, there would be cheap energy galore for everyone. But since we started running cars on oil 100 years ago, how […]

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ZeaChem completes construction of 250,000 GPY ethanol plant in Boardman

In Colorado, ZeaChem has completed construction of its 250,000 GPY cellulosic ethanol biorefinery in Boardman, Oregon. The project was completed on budget and is expected to begin production of cellulosic ethanol by the end of 2012. ZeaChem’s core process produces acetic acid and ethyl acetate which are intermediate chemicals for applications including paints, lacquers and […]

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LanzaTech and PETRONAS to collaborate on CO2 and natural gas for biochemical production

In New Zealand and Malaysia, LanzaTech and PETRONAS, the national oil company of Malaysia today announced they will work together to accelerate the development and commercialization of technologies to produce sustainable chemicals from carbon dioxide (CO2) and natural gas. The agreement blends Petronas’ deep experience and assets in the petroleum industry with LanzaTech’s gas fermentation […]

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The Greening of Petronas: oil giant signs with LanzaTech to turn waste CO2 into sustainable chemicals

Waste CO2 from Petronas operations will be captured by LanzaTech’s process to create economic routes to acetic acid, and other downstream products. In Malaysia, LanzaTech and the Malaysian national oil company, Petronas, announced they will work together to accelerate the development and commercialization of technologies to produce sustainable chemicals from carbon dioxide (CO2) and natural […]

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Lux Research reports harvesting technologies could cut costs by $25 a ton

In Massachusettes, Lux Research’s report, “Pruning the Cost of Bio-Based Materials and Chemicals” states that harvesting technologies can cut feedstock costs by $25/ton. According to Lux Research’s model, algae cultivation yields a 48% loss, calling into question its long-term prospects. The problem lies in the high capital costs for growing algae at industrial scale, which […]

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