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Axens, Total and IFPEN launch Atol, a technology for bio-ethylene production

In France, Axens reports that it, along with Total and IFPEN have launched Atol, a technology for the profitable production of polymer grade bio-ethylene by dehydration of 1G and 2G-renewable ethanol. The bio-ethylene produced can be integrated into existing downstream polymerization installations such as polyethylene, polystyrene, polyethyleneteraphthalate, polyvinylchloride and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene without need for modifications.  Within […]

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BP announces new technology to convert ethanol to ethylene

In the United Kingdom, BP announced a new technology, Hummingbird, that directly converts ethanol to ethylene through dehydration. Hummingbird is a newly developed proprietary process by which ethanol is dehydrated to produce ethylene. BP states that the new technology is lower cost and simpler compared to existing ethanol to ethylene technologies. “Hummingbird is a next […]

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The greening of ethylene

It’s a monster molecule, one of the backbones within the oil barrel. Who’s going for gold, via green, in ethylene and polyethylene? What are the issues, the places, and the technologies? So here’s the problem with Glad Wrap. It consists primarily of polyethylene, made from petroleum – a commodity for which the price swings around […]

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NatureWorks Teams up with PE INTERNATIONAL to revise Ingeo biopolymer eco-profile

In Minnesota, NatureWorks released he first findings of its updated eco-profile for its naturally advanced family of Ingeo biopolymers. The revised profile, which is based on the latest version of PE INTERNATIONAL’s GaBi LCA software and database, follows the ISO 14040/44 standards and reinforces the fact that the production of Ingeo polymer emits fewer greenhouse […]

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New BYLOX HT and BYLOX Plus Concentrated Additives thermally stable up to 275 C

In New York, Genarex reports that with the highest temperature stabilities and lowest color and odor signatures of any concentrated additive, new BLYOX HT and BYLOX Plus have dramatically increased the segments in which it’s now possible to manufacture affordable green products. BYLOX HT carries a processing window of up to 275°C, making it compatible […]

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Genomatica confirms nylon intermediates as third set of biobased processes under development

In California, Genomatica announced that major nylon intermediates, including hexamethylenediamine, caprolactam and adipic acid, are the focus of its third publicly-disclosed development program. Genomatica is developing complete process technologies for the biobased production of these intermediates, which it will then license to major firms in the nylon value chain. These three chemicals, with a total […]

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Tetra Pak uses bio-based plastic for carton packaging in Brazil

In Switzerland, Tetra Pak announced that all of the packages it produces in Brazil are now using bio-based low-density polyethylene. Combined with paperboard, the use of bio-based LDPE made from sugar cane increases the content of materials from renewable sources to as much as 82% in a Tetra Brik Aseptic​ 1000ml Base package.​​ In February […]

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Tetra Pak launches the world’s first bio-based opening for gable top packages

In Switzerland, Tetra Pak announced the launch of the bio-based version of its TwistCap OSO 34,which is manufactured using high density polyethylene derived from sugar cane. Eighty percent of the material in a one-litre Tetra Rex carton is paperboard, which is made from wood, a renewable resource. By introducing the new bio-based cap, the content […]

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Versalis and Elevance partner in green innovation for premium applications

In  Italy and Illinois, Versalis and Elevance Renewable Sciences signed an MOU to establish a strategic partnership to jointly develop and scale a new metathesis technology to produce bio-chemicals from vegetable oils. Versalis and Elevance intend to focus on jointly developing and scaling new catalysts, leveraging the progress of this technology that Elevance has already […]

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Renmatix and Virent announce collaboration on bio-based packaging

In the United Kingdom, Renmatix and Virent announced a strategic collaboration to convert affordable cellulosic sugars to renewable chemicals and bio-based packaging materials. Under the terms of the multi-phase development project, Renmatix’s Plantrose platform will be evaluated and potentially optimized to provide an affordable sugar stream for Virent’s Bioforming process for the large-scale production of bio-based paraxylene. […]

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