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Rivertop Renewables begins construction of commercial plant

In Montana, Rivertop Renewables has begun construction of its first commercial plant, located at DanChem Technologiesfacility in Danville, Virginia. DTI, a custom manufacturer of fine and specialty chemical products, is expected to begin production of Rivertop’s sustainable, high performing, cost-competitive, glucaric acid-derived products beginning in the summer of 2015. At full capacity, the plant will […]

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Rivertop Renewables raises $26 Million From Cargill, First Green Partners and existing investors

In Montana, Rivertop Renewables announced that it has raised $26 million from Cargill, First Green Partners and existing investors. Rivertop will leverage these funds and an existing manufacturing relationship to produce market development quantities of salts of glucaric acid for select customers. In addition, it will complete construction and begin operations at a semi-works facility […]

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Top Molecules: The DOE’s 12 Top Biobased List – what’s worked out?

136,000 downloads later – let’s look at why this DOE paper on renewable chemicals from 2004 is such an enduring hit, and which of its 12 target molecules are looking like winners. It may not have a sexy title, and certainly won’t give Tom Cruise and Top Gun a run for their money — but […]

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Road Salts and Brines: The Silent Vehicle Depreciation Machine

Rivertop Renewables’ Headwaters inhibitor slows corrosion by 70 percent. Biodegradable and affordable, offers hope for prolonging car, bridge and road life. According to Environment Canada (and they should know about snow and its remediation) vehicle depreciation costs due to road salt and salt brine corrosion add up to $143 per vehicle per year. Now, only […]

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The Bio-Based A-List: De-icing with IceClear AF

When the plane is late and temperatures drop, de-icing becomes a must-have technology for flyers – as well as roads, engines, and anything else that accumulates slicked-up ice. But why get cleaned out while cleaning up? Orison’s IceClear AF is a cost-cutting, bio-based path to safe travels. Happy trails! De-icing first came to the Digest’s […]

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