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Biofine Technology: The Digest’s 5-Minute Guide

Need furfural, formic acid, levulinic acid or biochar from biomass? Here’s a producer aiming for a first commercial project in 2015. One of the outcomes from our look at “Top Molecules: The DOE’s 12 Top Biobased List – what worked out?” — was a whole bunch of follow-through from companies working on the molecules we […]

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Top Molecules: The DOE’s 12 Top Biobased List – what’s worked out?

136,000 downloads later – let’s look at why this DOE paper on renewable chemicals from 2004 is such an enduring hit, and which of its 12 target molecules are looking like winners. It may not have a sexy title, and certainly won’t give Tom Cruise and Top Gun a run for their money — but […]

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Top 10 Biobased Predictions for 2013

How big, how different will biobased become in 2013? We peer down into the Petri Dish to see what we think 2013 will bring. As the sunset of 2012 gives way to the dawn of 2013, here at the Digest we resist the holiday temptation to look back over the challenges and highlights of the […]

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The Biobased A-List: The Minnesota Biobased revolution

Dozens of biobased companies have opened for business in Minnesota. Why? Great corporate partners, available feedstocks, and a strong base in R&D, for starters. Minnesota is well known for biobased companies that have gone a step beyond biofuels. In the state’s Bioeconomy roadmap, Minnesota aims to build its industry to 13,000 jobs by 2025, up […]

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