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Global Bionergies produces bio-sourced propylene

In France, Global Bioenergies announced it has successfully produced  bio-sourced propylene by direct fermentation. It is the first time ever an entirely biological production process – i.e. without any chemical step – is reported for propylene, a central building block for the manufacturing of plastics. Thomas Buhl, Head of Business Development at Global Bioenergies comments: […]

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Dugar Eximark places $1.4 million order with Cereplast for its Biopropylene 101

In India, Dugar Eximark Private Limited has placed a $1.4 million purchase order with Cereplast for their Cereplast Biopropylene 101.  The order will be filled over the next 10 months, using existing inventory and shipping primarily from Europe. Dugar Eximark specializes in green products, building materials, agricultural products, petrochemicals and import-export services. The order of […]

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Global Bioenergies demonstrates conversion of renewable sources to propylene

In France, Global Bioenergies demonstrated a novel metabolic pathway enabling the direct conversion of renewable resources to propylene, one of the main building blocks of the petrochemical industry. Since there are no known natural pathways leading to propylene in microorganisms, creating a process for the direct bio-production of propylene required the design of an artificial […]

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The Biobased A-List: RheVision bio fiber reinforced polypropylene.

Polypropylene, it’s in everything from packaging to money. With bio-based, it not only gets eco-friendly, there are performance characteristics that are proving attractive to a demanding customer base. Polypropylene (PP) is everywhere in a modern society. Packaging and labeling, ropes, thermal underwear, carpets, stationery, plastic parts, containers, lab equipment, loudspeakers, automotive components, face masks, filters, […]

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New BYLOX HT and BYLOX Plus Concentrated Additives thermally stable up to 275 C

In New York, Genarex reports that with the highest temperature stabilities and lowest color and odor signatures of any concentrated additive, new BLYOX HT and BYLOX Plus have dramatically increased the segments in which it’s now possible to manufacture affordable green products. BYLOX HT carries a processing window of up to 275°C, making it compatible […]

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ADM R&D leader receives innovation award

In Illinois, the American Chemical Society announced that Dr. Todd Werpy, Archer Daniels Midland Company’s senior vice president, Research and Development, has received the 2014 American Chemical Society Affordable Green Chemistry award for his work in producing bio-based propylene glycol economically on a commercial scale. ADM’s first-in-the industry process can produce 100,000 metric tons per […]

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ADM and Hawkins introduce Chill-Pro biobased heat transfer fluid

In Illinois, Archer Daniels Midland and Hawkins, Inc. introduced Chill-Pro, a USDA Certified Biobased heat transfer fluid made using ADM Evolution Chemicals propylene glycol. Chill-Pro is designed to maintain a constant temperature and provide superior freeze protection for closed-loop, water-based HVAC systems. It is formulated with a comprehensive food-grade inhibitor package that provides corrosion protection […]

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Ceresana Expects the Market for Bioplastics to Reach 6 billion US-dollars in 2021

In Germany, Cereasana is predicting that polypropylene made from sugarcane, polyester based on starch, and polymers using lactic acid as feedstock: Plastics based on renewable resources are increasingly becoming a real alternative to petrochemical products. “Even in times of economic difficulties, bioplastics possess an enormous potential,” describes Oliver Kutsch, CEO of the market research institute […]

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2014 Lincoln MKS to use tree based fibers in some parts

In Michigan, Lincoln Motor Co. announced that 2014 will see the MKX crossover with tree-based components inside the vehicle. A three-year collaboration between The Lincoln Motor Company, sustainable solutions pioneer Weyerhaeuser and auto parts supplier Johnson Controls has culminated in the creation of a tree-based, renewable alternative to fiberglass for use in auto parts. Using […]

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Cereplast launches reVive bioplastic resins on America Recycles Day

In Indiana, Cereplast will be launching reVive bioplastic resins on November 15, 2013, America Recycles Day. This new line of products is part of the Cereplast Sustainables family of resins and uses post-industrial and post-consumer plastics to produce bioplastics. The first three commercially available grades in the reVive line combine Polypropylene with with plant starch […]

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