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The Wizard of O’s

Oxygen – the albatross around biomass’ neck, or a secret weapon for the bio-based vanguard? If you have never had coffee with Paul Bryan, lately chief of the US Department of Energy’s Biomass Program, and now happily relocated back to California as a VP at the emerging Berkeley spin-off Lygos – well, you should. He’s […]

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The Bio-Based A-List: GreenGold Lubricants sets the standard for metal-working performance

New lubricant for working aluminum, titanium, stainless steels makes the bio-based A-List – zero carbon, zero waste, better drilling, tapping, milling and cutting Product Description: GreenGold is new metal working fluid that uses Soybean oil (99%) and Molybdenum (0.01%) that is treated with a patent pending process.  While not fuel,  it is capable of replacing petroleum, […]

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The Bio-based A-List: Solazyme Roquette Algal Flour

Pioneering algal flour makes the bio-based A-List for providing all the flavor and texture, with less of the unhealthy fats. Product Description: Almagine HL offers an alternative to traditional lipids while delivering taste, sensorial and functional benefits to the finished product. Derived from microalgae, Almagine HL is a pure, sustainable, whole food ingredient rich in healthy […]

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Bio-based profile: Green Bottle Spring Water

Product Description: The water comes in biodegradable bottles that are made of plants, not oil. The pure spring water inside the plant-based bottle comes from a source 600 feet beneath an organic farm near Alton, Virginia. Product Application: The “Green Bottle Spring Water” biodegradable bottles are being composted as part of the USDA cafeteria’s composting initiative […]

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