Aurora Algae heads for commercialization with light sensitized, saline algae

September 14, 2010 |

In California, the company formerly known as Aurora Biofuels has confirmed its emergence as Aurora Algae, as previously reported in the Digest. The company also said that it is now transitioning from a pilot technology development to full-scale commercialization of the Company’s proprietary algae products, including high concentration eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA Omega-3 fatty acids), high-density proteins, fish meal and renewable fuels.

The company’s first commercial-scale facility will be located in Australia, and co-founder Matt Caspari will relocate there to oversee development of the new facility.

The company said that it will develop omega-3 fatty acids in commercial quantities, protein extracts will be added to health shakes, protein bars, fish meal and biodiesel.

The company’s key technology – an optimized strain of salt-water algae  that is lighter in color than wild-type algae, allowing deeper penetration of sunlight, thereby extending the zone for algae reproduction and increasing yield.  The company said it has also adapted a technique used in the waste-water industry for low-cost algal harvesting.

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