Syracuse University Partners with Arden-Fox to Support the Advancement of Department of Defense's Net Zero Energy Initiative

October 21, 2010 |

In the US, Syracuse University has announced a partnership with entrepreneurs John Fox ’92 and Wayne Arden to advance the use of biofuels by the U.S. armed forces as an alternative energy source.

The initial project, in Afghanistan, will introduce biodiesel crop farming for guaranteed income as an alternative to poppy growing, and look at the feasibility of setting up a commodities exchange in the country.

“We recognize the extensive research and effort that has been put into developing these recommendations,” said Gina Lee-Glauser, vice president for research at Syracuse University. “We believe that these recommendations have the potential to reduce U.S. casualties and lessen the military’s dependence on petroleum. In the coming weeks, we will be partnering with John Fox and Wayne Arden to evaluate a parallel implementation at one or more U.S. military bases. The purpose of this partnership is to pilot the recommendations and document the economical viability of the proposal. This parallel implementation will help the (Defense Department) make further progress in making military bases in the U.S.”

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