PetroAlgae proteins can be utilized at 100 percent for tilapia feed

November 5, 2010 |

In Florida, a third party study done by the Aquaculture Research Institute at the University of Idaho has found that PetroAlgae protein concentrate (PPC) produced as a co-product along with the renewable fuel feedstock by the company’s micro-crop technology system can replace menhaden fishmeal protein at levels up to 100% in feeds for tilapia.

The study also found that PPC would be suitable as a fishmeal replacement for other farmed fish species. According to the study, tilapia is one of the largest-volume farmed fish species, and tilapia production is expected to grow from 2.8 million tons to more than 9 million tons by 2020, requiring 13 million tons of feed (up from 8 million tons in 2010).

According to PetroAlgae, “The International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Association, a trade body, estimated that each ton of fishmeal travels an average of 5,000 kilometers to reach its end-user in the aquaculture industry. By comparison, PPC allows for a shortened supply chain and reduces business risk, because micro-crop farms using PPC can be sited locally, close to consumption centers.”

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