UCS expresses "concern" over policy failures leading to shortage of cellulosic biofuels

November 30, 2010 |

In Washington, the Union of Concerned Scientists are concerned that the EPA will lower the blending requirement for advanced biofuels under the RFS in 2011, further reducing a main driver that will bring the fuels to market. The UCS attributes the cellulosic shortfall to the lingering recession, which has made it more difficult for this emerging industry to secure financing, as well as flawed government policies that have not provided effective support to the industry.

UCS supports a performance-based tax credit for biofuel production that would reward companies based on how much gasoline their fuel displaces as well how much it reduces heat-trapping emissions. Such a standard would shift tax support to cleaner biofuels and still allow corn ethanol manufacturers to qualify for tax credits if they make their operations more efficient and less polluting.

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