American Biofuels Now organization forms to foster media, policymaker, consumer education

January 3, 2011 |

In Florida, American Biofuels Now has been organized as a coalition of producers, military, energy activists, political leaders and energy users “who think that the time for American Biofuels isn’t “someday”, it’s now.” Supporters of the coalition, which plans to educate consumers, public officials and media, among other constituencies, on the benefits of biofuels, include the Florida BioEnergy Association, REG, LS9, 25×25, US EnviroFuels, BDI, Advanced Biofuels USA, and FARE.

The group is focused initially on Florida and the Gulf Coast states, but expects to broaden its efforts over time.

The group has developed a petition – which can be downloaded here, highlighting the impact of biofuels on local economic development. “One 49 MGY Cellulosic ethanol plant will generate about 194 jobs and $105.5 million annually to the local economy in the first phase of operation…A 110 MGY Biodiesel plant will add $117 million to the local economy and create 635 new jobs in all sectors of the economy,” the petition reads in part.

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