GM biofuels lead says pumps are the key to ethanol growth

February 2, 2011 |

VB Research released an interview with General Motors Biofuels Lead, Dr. Candace Wheeler.

“In the United States we have about 125,000 fuelling stations and only 2,500 of those are E85 compatible,” said Wheeler. “So, 90% of the people who own a flexfuel vehicle don’t have a pump in their zip-code. 50% don’t have one in their county. It is the pinch point.

“It used to be a chicken and egg situation – nobody wanted to make the vehicles if there wasn’t the fuel and nobody wanted to put the pump out there if there weren’t any vehicles to use the fuel. We’ve gone ahead and made the vehicles. We’ve made over 6 million vehicles and our competitors have also been active, so there’s a lot of them on the road, but getting the fuel to them is really a critical point right now.”

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