Chromatin sorghum hybrids top trials for sugar yields

February 16, 2011 |

In Illinois, Chromatin announced that its sorghum hybrids outperformed biomass sorghum and sweet sorghum hybrids from public, private, and commercial sorghum collections. A number of Chromatin’s sorghum materials generated more fermentable sugar per acre than most of the competitors.

“These tests show that our biomass has a combination of qualities that are high priority for thermochemical processors, and that our sweet sorghum provide solutions that can meet today’s growing demand for soluble sugar,” added Daphne Preuss, Chromatin’s CEO. “BTU values ranged over $1000 / acre between the biomass at the extremes in the trial. This clearly shows that a key economic driver for cleantech projects will be the ability to access a high-performance feedstock.”

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