Burn rate? Envergent selected for Crane pyrolysis project at US currency print plant

March 4, 2011 |

In Illinois, Envergent Technologies, a Honeywell company announced that its its technology will be used by Crane & Co. to convert biomass feedstock into a renewable oil to heat and power the Crane Mass. facility where it produces paper used for U.S. currency.

Now, that’s what we call overheating the money supply.

Envergent’s RTP technology will convert local forest residue into what Envergent reports as a clean-burning, nearly carbon-neutral liquid biofuel that can be used as a direct replacement for petroleum-based fuel in today’s burners and generators.  Use of the technology will help Crane, which has been the provider of currency paper to the U.S. Treasury for more than 130 years, stabilize energy costs and remain a competitive supplier to the U.S. government.

Once approved, the project has the potential to bring nearly 100 new, green jobs to the region.  In addition to Envergent Technologies, Crane & Co. is working with Berkshire Renewable Power and ReEnergy Holdings for implementation of the project.  RTP technology works by rapidly heating biomass – in this case, forest residue – at ambient pressure to generate high yields of a liquid biofuel. The fuel can be burned in industrial burners and furnaces for heat or to power electric generators. RTP is currently in use in seven commercial biomass processing plants in the U.S. and Canada.

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