Phytonix says its solar fuels microorganism may produce 20K gallons per acre of biobutanol

March 14, 2011 |

In North Carolina, Phytonix Corporation purchased the worldwide license to a class of bacteria modified to produce biobutanol and biopentanol as drop-in replacements for gasoline. The company said that its bacteria will act as tiny microrefineries in what Phytonix CEO Bruce Dannenberg described as a direct solar, carbon-based, liquid transportation fuel, that utilizes carbon dioxide, solar energy and water to photosynthetically produce biofuels.

Phytonix, which expects that its bacteria could produce upwards of 20,000 gallons per acre, has patents pending globally for the process technologies that will create the unique bacteria and that will prevent the bacteria from surviving if they get into the natural environment. Phytonix will discuss its technology at the upcoming World Biofuels Markets Congress 2011 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Mr. Dannenberg will present at the conference’s Advanced Biofuels Session and will participate as a panelist.

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