Après ABLC? Paris Air Show to highlight major Alternative Aviation Fuels showcase

April 25, 2011 |

What’s next for bioenergy, after the Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference? The Paris Air Show beckons as aviation biofuels looms as a breakout opportunity for investment and deployment.

The Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference, which featured 450 bioenergy leaders representing 300 organizations, including 120 C-level executives, has adjourned until April 2012 in Washington, DC.

Highlights from the 2011 ABLC

1. An historic agreement on unified biofuels policy forged by the Advanced Biofuels Association, BIO, the Renewable Fuels Association, the Algal Biomass Organization and the Advanced Ethanol Council. The focus? “Don’t mess with the RFS.”

2. Receptions celebrating the region of Champagne-Ardennes and Australia as bioenergy development regions.

3. Debut of the International Energy Agency’s 2050 Biofuels Technology Roadmap, which projected that biofuels will displace up to 27 percent of fossil fuels for transport by 2050.

4. A sharp increase in interest in renewable chemicals among developers and attendees, with the Thursday session on the topic drawing a standing room-only crowd.

5. How Aviation and military is now putting a sharp emphasis on drawing investment to the biofuels industry.

What’s next on the “major happenings” schedule for biofuels?

A webinar being conducted by the Department of Commerce in partnership with USDA, DOE and the Civil Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative, at 11:00am Eastern Time, this Friday, April 29.

Information and registration for the webinar, motivated by expanded access to USDA programs for worldwide investors, can be accessed here.

Part of what CAAFI will do at the event is to lay out plans for a major Alternative Aviation Fuels showcase at the Paris Air Show and a major Investor day event there on June 22nd, on the third day of the four day international aviation event, in Hall 3.

The Paris Air Show

The Paris Air Show event will feature 14 fuel companies, who will showcase the opportunities they provide; 7 airlines (American, Air France, ATA, British Airways, Lufthansa, Qantas and United); high level USDA, Department of Commerce, and Defense Department participation; deployment analysis expertise via Metron Aviation), plus government officials from Europe, the US and around the world. CAAFI and the Air Transport Association will both be onsite at the event, facilitating presentations. CAAFI executive director Rich Altman described the event as “our superbowl and World Cup…rolled into one.”

Amyris, AltAir Fuels, Gevo, Lanzatech, Neste Oil, Sapphire Energy, Solazyme, Solena, and UOP Honeywell, are among the companies participating in the exhibition.

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