Record Hot 50 CEO turnout at Advanced Biofuels Markets 2011: speakers announced

July 13, 2011 |

Biofuels’ Hot 50 CEOs, and the advanced biofuels leadership, head for the annual fall conclave in San Francisco, with “The Race for Scale” as their theme

In California, Biofuels Digest and Greenpower Conferences are announcing the preliminary line-up of committed speakers for the 2011 Advanced Biofuels Markets Congress in San Francisco, November 8-10, 2011, which will mark the largest gathering of Hot 50 CEOs yet assembled.

Full conference information and registration is here.

Our goal: we aim to plan the most high-level, productive, practical, focused advanced biofuels event ever produced. And we hope to have you join us there in November as we reflect on the IPOs, the first commercial projects, the fractious policy environment, the technical and cost challenges – and more.

We simply couldn’t fit all 50 CEOs in a three-day meeting, but here are committed speakers you will see in San Francisco this November 8-10, as we take on the theme: “The Race for Scale”. (Rankings represent 2010-11 position in the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy).

#1 John Melo, CEO, Amyris
building commercial-scale in Brazil

#2 Jonathan Wolfson, CEO, Solazyme
building commercial-scale in the US

#4 Ed Dineen, CEO, LS9
planning commercial-scale in the US and Brazil

#5 Pat Gruber, CEO, Gevo
operating at commercial-scale in the US, converting to advanced biofuels in 2012

#8 Wes Bolsen, CMO, Coskata
landed a USDA loan guarantee for its first commercial facility

#9 Alan Shaw, CEO, Codexis –
powering the build up of capacity by Raizen (Shell-Cosan) in Brazil

#11 Lee Edwards, CEO, Virent –
moving to commercial-scale in 2014

#13 Richard Hamilton, CEO, Ceres
planned IPO in 2011

#14 Rick Wilson, CEO, Cobalt
opening demonstration-scale in 2012

#15 Jim Rekoske, GM, UOP
building first commercial in Envergent JV; BioSPK jet fuel spec approved for commercial-scale, first commercial facilities planned in Australia and UK.

#16 Vincent Chornet, CEO, Enerkem
constructing commercial scale in Canada and the US

#21 John McCarthy, CEO, Qteros
commercial-scale development packages under development with Praj

#22 Bill Sims, Joule Unlimited
Land acquired for first commercial-scale

#24 Arnold Klann, CEO, BlueFire
building commercial-scale in US

#25 Hunt Ramsbottom, CEO, Rentech
building commercial-scale projects in Canada, US

#26 Paul Woods, CEO, Algenol
building demonstration in US

#27 Jim Imbler, CEO, ZeaChem
building demonstration in the US

#31 Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, LanzaTech
readying first commercial in China

#37 Kirk Haney, CEO, SG Biofuels
signed customers for 250K acres of elite jatropa

#43 Mark Niederschulte, COO, INEOS Bio
building first commercial in US

New this year: Strategic Networking on Steroids

A vastly enhanced strategic networking day – our third day, Thursday, will be dedicated to structured, facilitated strategic networking (in addition to the daily refreshment and networking breaks throughout the event), to maximize opportunities to meet, network, and plan with project owners, EPC firms, financiers, policymakers, downstream partners, feedstock partners, and all the members of your complete value and supply chain.

Plus, also new this year. Hot 50 Moves to San Francisco.

We are moving the official announcement of the 2011-12 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy to Advanced Biofuels Markets, including live, on-site final balloting on the first day of the conference.

Also joining us, the industry’s most incisive thinkers, trade group chiefs, financiers, analysts and consortia heads, including:

Eric McAfee, CEO, AE Biofuels
Mike McAdams, CEO, ABFA
Brooke Coleman, ExD, AEC
Mary Rosenthal, ExD, ABO
Jose Olivares, ExD, NAABB
Mike Ritzenthaler, analyst, Piper Jaffray
Pavel Molchanov, analyst, Raymond James
Cindy Thyfault, CEO, Westar

Full conference information and registration is here.

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