LS9 vs SG Biofuels: Who's the Best?

August 20, 2011 |

Background: This is a second round, International Regional match-up between #2 seed LS9 and #7 seed SG Biofuels, in the 2011 Transformative Technologies tourney, from Biofuels Digest.

Voting: Open to all Biofuels Digest subscribers. Voting links are in the Biofuels Digest daily newsletter. To subscribe (free), visit here.

The winner gets: Most votes advances to the Sweet Sixteen (round of 16), and a shot at the Biofuels Elite Eight.

The loser: Goes home.

Laurels: LS9 is the #4 ranked company in the 2010-11 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy poll. SG Biofuels is currently ranked #37.

The match-up: LS9 took 64 percent of the votes in its first round battle with Lignol. SG Biofuels prevailed over TMO Renewables by 57-43.

SG Biofuels is a bioenergy crop company using molecular breeding and biotechnology to develop elite, hybrid seeds of Jatropha.  The company has sold more than 250,000 acres of its hybrid Jatropha seed, including orders from two of the top 20 largest energy companies in the world. The SG-Life Technologies partnership has successfully sequenced the Jatropha curcas genome, using the SOLiD™ 4.0 System by Life Technologies.

LS9’s technology? Microbial bioprocesses for the conversion of renewable carbohydrates to a diversity of drop-in fuel and chemical products. All of the chemical steps occur inside LS9’s engineered microbial catalysts, and the products are naturally secreted into the growth medium where they form an immiscible organic phase that is easily recoverable. The one step process is simple, efficient, and cost effective, enabling low CapEx multi-use facilities.

Deep dive data on LS9 and SG Biofuels

LS9’s complete Hot 50 / Transformative Technologies profile is here.

SG Biofuels’s complete Hot 50 / Transformative Technologies profile is here.

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