Novozymes, Qteros, Joule surge in Transformative Technologies 2011 third round

August 31, 2011 |

In third day voting in round three of Transformative Technologies 2011, Novozymes shot ahead of #1 seed Amyris 51-49. threatening to topple the company that secured the top ranking in last year’s 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy. Meanwhile, tournament Cinderella OriginOil saw its lead over Codexis narrowed to 55-45, but with two days voting remaining, there are questions as to whether Alan Shaw’s enzymes behemoth can catch up in time.

Among other second day movements, Mascoma and Joule are tied again at 50-50, while Qteros is holding on to a 52-48 lead over Joule Unlimited.

In the International regional, LS9 forged ahead to a 52-48 leave over Canada’s 6th seeded Enerkem. In other match-ups, Gevo, Solazyme and Terrabon have established comfortable leads over POET, Cobalt and Virent, respectively.

Winners in this round advance to the Elite Eight, with showdowns next week leading to the Final Four.

Here are the vote totals (expressed in percentages), so far:

International Regional
Amyris 49 vs Novozymes 51
LS9 52 vs Enerkem 48

Eastern Regional
INEOS Bio 48 vs Qteros 52
Mascoma 50 vs Joule 50

Central Regional
Gevo 57 vs POET 43
Terrabon 55 vs Virent 45

Western Regional
Solazyme 55 vs Cobalt 45
OriginOil 55 vs Codexis 45

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Transformative Technologies is a subscriber-voted, “knock-out” tournament which measures the impact of the competitor’s technologies on the bioenergy landscape. More than 400 pages of data on all the competitors (and more) is available here – also, individual match-ups include links to the most recent profiles submitted by companies for the 2011-12 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy, which is coming up for voting in the 4th quarter of 2011.

The complete tournament bracket, with the most up to date scoring, is available for download here.

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