Algae2Omega selects Evodos algae harvesting machines

October 4, 2011 |

In Florida, Evodos announced that it will supply algae harvesting machines for Algae2Omega’s production facilities in Fort Lauderdale.  Algae2Omega is planning to produce and sell algae derived products using proprietary methods.  Their products include high-value nutraceuticals, including Astaxanthin, for human and animal nutrition, Omega 3 oil, and species specific feeds for the livestock and aquatic farming industries.

Evodos, a Dutch company, has developed a very energy-efficient centrifuge to extract algae from water. This method is a break-through in harvesting and concentrating different strains of algae.  The low energy consumption allow or a positive energy balance, paving the way for large-scale production of bio-derived products from algae.

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