Biocee licenses sulfur-removing technology from Verenium

October 6, 2011 |

In Minnesota, BioCee announced an asset purchase and license agreement to access certain technology from Verenium Corporation, a leading industrial biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of high-performance enzymes, for the development of an environmentally-friendly biological method of removing sulfur from oil and oil distillates.

Under terms of the agreement, BioCee is granted access to Verenium’s unique desulfurization organisms and technology. The application of Verenium’s intellectual property by means of BioCee’s proprietary biocoatings will provide the petroleum industry a novel desulfurization system capable of applications beyond the scope of conventional technologies. Verenium will receive a royalty on sales of BioCee’s products that utilize Verenium’s technologies.

Compared to conventional desulfurization approaches that rely on energy-intensive chemical processes, biological desulfurization utilizes the action of microorganisms that remove sulfur through their metabolic activity. The BioCee approach relies on organisms embedded in polymeric films that are used to design novel biological reactors.

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