NZ team launches new power system based on biodiesel by-product, waste sludge

October 19, 2011 |

In New Zealand, a wastewater treatment process that recycles biodiesel glycerol and produces ‘green’ renewable energy is now underway in Christchurch. The process, which is the result of three years’ of testing and research between the Christchurch City Council and Solid Energy, is currently being used at the Council’s Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bromley, New Zealand’s second largest wastewater treatment facility.

The glycerol recycling process uses a combination of wastewater sludge from Christchurch City and biodiesel glycerol to produce biomethane gas. The biomethane is being used at the wastewater treatment plant to generate electricity and heat, and there are plans to use the gas created during the process at community facilities such as the Christchurch Art Gallery and Civic Offices. The project is part of a wider, ongoing collaboration between the Council and Solid Energy to develop resource reuse programs for the Canterbury community.

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