Opposing the UK government's proposed tax hike on waste veggie oil biodiesel

November 10, 2011 |

In the UK, campaigners including The UK Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, Biffa, Stenaline, Spire, Shearings and 3663 have formed the SOS biodiesel campaign in hopes of keeping the government from increasing the duty on used cooking oil-based biodiesel by 32 cents per liter in April 2012 as planned.

The campaigners say they believe the government’s decision will cause catastrophic harm to the sustainable biodiesel industry. They say more virgin crops will be used to produce biodiesel; the price of UCO biodiesel will rise, forcing current biodiesel users to revert to the use of fossil fuels; and the resulting drop in demand will force producers to close, causing significant job losses.

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Category: Policy

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