TransBiodiesel enzymes unlock value in fast-food waste

January 5, 2012 |

In Israel, two Israeli scientists, Dr. Sobhi Basheer and Dr. Ahmed Tafesh of TransBiodiesel, have developed a new process by which any oil, including leftovers of fast food joints, or “falafel stands,” can be turned into biodiesel, without requiring much energy in the process.

The scientists developed a biological enzyme that allows the transformation of any kind of oil into biodiesel suitable for diesel engines. TransBiodiesel states its enzyme-based catalysts do not lead to toxic waste and do not need to be heated, meaning much less energy is required.

The company already manufactures its biodiesel at its plant in Israel but says it is looking for additional investment before expanding to the international market. The cost of TransBiodiesel’s technology is $150-300 per kg enzyme depending on volume. Total enzyme cost to produce 40,000 tons of biodiesel is around $2 million.

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