ACT completes 20kW crude glycerol burner, using biodiesel by-product

January 9, 2012 |

In North Carolina, Applied Combustion Technologies announced the completion of a DOE grant to build and test a prototype crude glycerol burner. The 20 kW burner utilizes a novel spray atomization, high swirl burner approach in a specially designed chamber to safely burn 100% crude glycerol (the raw byproduct of biodiesel production before any cleaning).

The system met all key performance milestones operating on various grades of crude glycerol from a variety of sources – animal fats, yellow grease, and vegetable oil transesterfication-­‐based biodiesel.

Richard Taff, COO of ACT commented, “Once scaled up to the 2 – 3 MW range, such a burner would offer an attractive alternative to fossil fuel based boilers in the U.S., Canada and Europe. We have recently seen the EPA tighten down on boiler emissions. In addition to being a green alternative, the burner provides for a hedge against rising natural gas and fuel oil prices. We are excited to continue to mature the technology.”

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