Cal Poly Algae Field Station launches

January 26, 2012 |

In California, the Cal Poly Algae Field Station was commissioned by the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California, with Prof. Tryg Lundquist as Principal Investigator.  The project is funded by the California Energy Commission, with engineering design provided by MicroBio Engineering, Inc.

This algal wastewater treatment and biofuels research facility includes nine 30 square meter raceway ponds which are part of a technology called RNEW (Reclamation of Nutrients, Energy, and Water). The goals of the two-year research project are to determine optimal seasonal operations to remove nutrients, reclaim water, and generate algal biomass with high oil production rates.  Faculty and students from disciplines in the engineering, agricultural, and biological sciences will participate in research at the Cal Poly Algae Field Station.

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