American Jianye, US Gulf Coast Energy finalize ethanol blending partnership

March 9, 2012 |

In New York and China, American Jianye announced it has reached a manufacturing and marketing partnership agreement with US Gulf Coast Energy.  The two companies will jointly build a blending factory in Alabama, to manufacture and distribute 30 million gallons of alcohol-based fuel annually as phase 1 of a production plan.

Determination of the size of the second phase will be based on the potential for market growth. Jianye will provide the financing, design, engineering, construction and production of the blending factory, while Gulf Coast will be responsible for the marketing, licensing and providing the land for the factory. Once Jianye pays the initial $1 million, Gulf Coast Energy will provide the production site for the blending factory as well as the permit letter from General Motors, issued to the new blending factory, which allows for the use of the E15 to E85 fuel in cars.

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